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Viper Vixens Slink and Slice Their Way Into O’Sheas

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When we first heard about the new “Viper Vixens” flesh-stravaganza (not a real word) at O’Sheas, we thought, “Oh, that’s a recipe for disaster.” The combination of scantily-clad woman and sharp objects hasn’t really panned out for this blog in the past, but after seeing the show in person, we’re kind of over our apprehensions.

Viper Vixens

Things are about to get dicey. (See what we did there?)

Viper Vixens follows in the time-honored tradition of topless Vegas revues, but with a twist. The show features a cast of four talented and bendy women, each with a specialty weapon and persona loosely-inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s “Deadly Viper Assassination Squad” in the “Kill Bill” movies.

That craving you’re suddenly having is for some exclusive video of the show. We can do that. We are a Las Vegas blog.


The ringleader of the group is Ottavio Gesmundo (code name: King Cobra) who performs as well as producing, directing and choreographing the show. To be fair, Gesmundo is also bendy. And exceedingly talented with a crossbow.

Viper Vixens

CGI just got schooled. This is real-life onstage peril, folks.

Perhaps the biggest twist of the show is that, well, how do we put this delicately? It’s actually sexy. Why is this a twist? Because lots of shows in Vegas say they’re sexy, and there’s a lot of music and dancing body parts but, well, sexy? Not so much.

“Viper Vixens” is up-close and often interactive. It’s writhey. It’s toplessy. It exudes sexy. Oh, just watch the video again.

Viper Vixens

See? Right there! Sexy is being exuded!

Here’s how the cast, and weaponry, break down.

Sidewinder (pictured above) is played by Drea Hall and her weapon of choice is the whip. (Is it ever.) Amy Brunner plays Copperhead, and her weapon is the sai. Black Mamba is played by Naomi Brenkman-Gesmundo (below), and she gives “Mr. G” a run for his money with the crossbow.

Viper Vixens

Black Mamba talks, we listen. 'Nuff said.

Diamondback is played by Ashley Collingwood-Gaudette and is a master of the pole. (Look at the jokes we’re not making. Hello, it’s called “maturity.”)

Also featured in the show are Samurai katana swords, Kama blades, Escrima or Kali fighting sticks. And thighs. Lots of thighs.

Singer Deena Cary (code name: Cottonmouth, below) contributes live vocals to the festivities. In a former life, she toured the country opening for artists like Big & Rich, Earth, Wind & Fire and other groups with ampersands in their names.

Viper Vixens

Singer Deena Carrie shows off her diaphragm control. It's a singing thing.

The “Viper Vixens” is an 18-and-older-only show and can be seen at O’Sheas nightly at 9:00 p.m. (dark Sundays). Find out more about tickets.

Added bonus: On the night we visited, cast members from “Viper Vixens” were working the crowd in the beer pong pit at O’Sheas before they went onstage. Lucky guests got the chance to challenge the ladies to beer pong matches to win show tickets. We hear they do this often, so stop by and try to snag some free tickets.

Viper Vixens

Ashley not only knows martial arts, she's also a master of beer pong trash talk.

It’s time to carve yourself off some exclusive photo gallery goodness, below, that you won’t find anywhere else. Which, we realize is what “exclusive” means, but remember, this blog also caters to those who graduated from the public education system. We’ll see you at O’Sheas.

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