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Stripper Bar Unveiled at Planet Hollywood

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During one of our recent aimless strolls through Planet Hollywood and its Miracle Mile shopping extravaganza, we couldn’t help but notice this…

Stripper Bar

We love a good mystery! What is this place?

Our questions have been answered! Stripper Bar will be officially unveiled Mar. 26.

Touted as “Las Vegas’ first-and-only bar run by strippers,” Stripper Bar features an entrance with a 31-foot tall, custom-built stripper named “Sin City Sindy.”

The twist? Unsuspecting customers will enter the bar through Sin City Sindy’s legs, and a hidden camera will snap photos of their glances as they (presumably) look upward. Hello! Another “only in Vegas” souvenir moment.

The $150,000 stripper that adorns Stripper Bar intends to join the ranks of other over-sized Vegas icons such as Vegas Vic and Sassy Sally in true Las Vegas-style.

Sin City Sindy was hand-carved out of huge blocks of Styrofoam, and took more than three months to make. She weighs more than 2,500 pounds!

Warning: Themed-specialty-drink-names ahead. This just in. Specialty drinks at Stripper Bar will include, hey, we warned you: “Nice Melons,” “Stiffy,” “Pink Panty,” “Simply Nuts,” “Love Bites” and “Bump & Grind.”

Further investigation required, but it sounds like fun. There’s always something new and surprising in Vegas.

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