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Skyvue Wheel’s Foundation Gets Laid in Vegas

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This blog swore it would never happen, so today we’re eating our words.

On March 1, 2012, a fleet of concrete trucks, about 130 in all, rumbled into the once-empty lot across from Mandalay Bay at the south end of the Vegas Strip to deliver the makings of a foundation for a 500-foot observation wheel, the Skyvue.

It’s true. Here’s a photo of the foundation in question.

Skyvue foundation

We probably should have warned you to adjust your expectations.

The process of laying the foundation began in the early morning hours, so by the time we ambled over for a look-see, most of the trucks were gone, but we’ll be darned if we’re getting up that early just to take photos of some trucks. Unless they’re carrying showgirls. Which is not out of the question in Las Vegas, come to think of it.


This photo of a showgirl-free truck will have to do.

Spokespersons for the Skyvue wheel say it will open in July, 2013. Laying a foundation seems a far cry from getting funding for a $200 million wheel and retail complex, but what do we know? We are just a Las Vegas blog, not a financial analyst.

Another massive observation wheel, the High Roller, is planned as part of the Center-Strip redevelopment project called The Linq. Read more about the Caesars Entertainment (whose blog this is) Linq project. The High Roller will be 550 feet tall and boast 28 cabins, each with a capacity of 40 people. This ain’t your grandpa’s Ferris wheel!

The more observation wheels the merrier, we say! This blog loves it some Las Vegas newness, especially the vertical kind likely to involve cocktail service.

Read more at the Las Vegas Sun, which apparently employs people who don’t mind getting up really early.

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