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The Most Awesome Vegas Door in the History of Ever

Last updated: November 13, 2014 at 1:48 pm. Posted by in Las Vegas Casinos, The LINQ. Comments Off on The Most Awesome Vegas Door in the History of Ever.

First, we blew minds with revelations about a secret shortcut doorway at Caesars Palace.


Then, yesterday, we spotted a doorway that eclipses that one by, oh, infinity.

Imperial Palace doorway

See it?

Yep, that’s the Imperial Palace.

To find the doorway, just look up. Way up.

IP doorway

Does that help?

That’s right. It’s a doorway to nowhere. Or anywhere. This door, complete with a shiny knob, refuses to be reduced to convenient explanations.

In fact, it’s more than just a door. It’s a metaphor for the fearless souls who built the Las Vegas Strip in the middle of a desert, taking a leap of faith, defying all logic and bringing to life a city admired around the world. Or, possibly, it’s just a door. With a first step that’s a real doozy.


At least five stories of doozy from what we can tell.

At first, we were thinking we’d claim the door as this blog’s own. But upon closer inspection, we realized it’s already been claimed by someone named Dan.


Well played, Dan. That must've been some ladder.

We were going to investigate the story behind this mysterious door at the Imperial Palace. But we didn’t want to ruin it.

One thing we do know. They might want to keep that sucker double-bolted.

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