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The Vegas Cocktail That’s Also a Photo Op

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Here’s a Vegas cocktail you can’t miss! It’s the vodka and Red Bull concoction available just outside the Planet Hollywood resort. This 50-ounce bad boy includes some serious bling.

Planet Hollywood cocktail

The chain doubles as a neck strap. Yes, many Las Vegas cocktails require neck straps. Don't resent us for our epic.

You can tell you’re at Planet Hollywood because the souvenir bottles say, “Let There Be Fame.”

The drink will run you $28, but at least you’ll get a great Vegas photo op out of it.

Planet Hollywood photo op

People in other cities just drink their drinks. People in Sin City immortalize them.

These drinks aren’t available 24-7, so don’t get mad at this blog if they’re not being sold when you turn up. Don’t worry, you can probably find other beverages nearby. In normal bottles. That don’t set of metal detectors.

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