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There Is Nothing Routine About The Meat Loaf: Planet Hollywood Serves Up A Plate Full Of Talent

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My mom exposed me to some pretty decent music as a kid.

While most of my friends danced to Debbie Gibson, New Kids on the Block, Tiffany and George Michael music videos, I played Def Leopard, Journey, The Beatles, INXS, Billy Idol and Whitesnake tapes. Great times, awesome music.

You can imagine my excitement when I got a chance to sit and talk with the legendary rock star, Meat Loaf. My eyes were completely glued to the TV during his epic music video, “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That).” It played like a movie! He’s quite the fun and quirky character – he actually grabbed my hand to feel the dent he got from all his concussions.

His five-week Las Vegas show, “RockTellz & CockTails” at Planet Hollywood starts Thursday, Sept. 26. The Grammy Award-winning artist will not only perform his greatest hits, but he’ll interact with the audience, too. Meat Loaf fans: It’s time to get hyped for the superstar’s Planet Hollywood debut. Read on and get to know the star like you never imagined. After all, he says it himself: There is nothing routine about the Meat Loaf.


Meat Loaf continues to rock, 47 years and counting. His show, “RockTellz & CockTails” opens Sept. 26 at Planet Hollywood.

First, I wanted to compliment your jewelry. I really like that cross! Well you can just thank my wife! She picked all this out. The only thing she didn’t pick out was this copper bracelet that has magnets and is supposed to help you –  I had 18 concussions and my equilibrium is a little whacked. I’ve rolled in a car, I’ve been wrapped around a telephone pole and I’ve been in a plane with no landing gear. I’m a cat with nine lives!  Haven’t used them all yet.

Oh wow!  [Once] I was in a plane – a private jet – we were about 500 feet off the ground. Wind gust hit us, turned us sideways. That’s the only time I’ve ever been scared in an airplane. And the pilot goes, “You wanna try it again?” And I go, “No!”

That’s good to know you’re still here. I’m telling ya!

So how do you feel about having a month long show in Vegas? Cool. In a sense, I’m built for Old Vegas. Before Vegas was Vegas, I was built for it. I love Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney movies. And they’re always the same premise: “I got a barn! I got lights! The kids want to put on a play, let’s put it up!” So that’s what this is. We got a stage. We got some lights. I got a band. Okay, let’s put on a show!

Just have fun with it. Yeah – and that’s what I did, and that’s what I’m doing. And that’s what it’s all about. This show is about fun. I have no idea where this show is going to turn. I know elements of it and I’m getting to that point. And how I’m getting over to this point? I don’t know. I’ll find out when I get there. I learned to go into the moment because every night is a different moment. I’m never singing the same song two times in a row. It’s a different moment, every time I step in front of that mic to sing that song.

That makes it interesting though, it’s never just routine or mundane. There is nothing routine about the Meat Loaf, I can tell you that!  Everything is open, everything is fair game.  There is nothing sacred. That comes from ‘National Lampoon.’ That comes from knowing John Belushi.  That comes from having done stuff with Michael Palin and John Cleese and people that I worked with in my 47 years. When I start to name them, it becomes mind-boggling to me.


It’s not every day a blogger gets to sit and chat with Meat Loaf.

So you’re going to be traveling all over the world after this, right? Are you going overseas? I have no idea what we’re doing, dear! If I do well here, they’ll bring me back for another run. I’m used to traveling. That’s the only thing I’m nervous about. I don’t get this part. We’ll just wait and see. I always said I can do the same show in front of four trees that I could do in front of 400,000 people. So if only four trees show up, I’ll do the show. As long as the trees talk! (Laughs.) If there’s 400 people, or 1,300 people, they’re gonna get the same damn show. I mean, we’re gonna hit them like a freight train.

Are you a longtime fan of Vegas? Do you like coming here? I have to be perfectly honest. The first time I was in Vegas, I was at Caesars, and I found it to be very humorous. The first time I was ever in Vegas was in 1981. So I went into my room, and there was a clock there. But the clock was facing forward. So I went to turn the clock, and I couldn’t move it. It was screwed down! So I went to move the lamp – the lamp was screwed down. The television was screwed down. Everything was screwed down!  And I’m going, oh my God, this is hysterical. They don’t screw down things so much anymore. But everything was bolted down. I was surprised they didn’t bolt down the towels.  If they bolted those down, you’d have to go to the towel and dry off. 

And casinos? I’m not a big fan of casinos. I’ve been in them. The one thing is, I have never walked into a casino and lost money. But I don’t go in that often. They had this thing called Caribbean poker that I’ve never seen before. I sit down and go, how do you play this? I won $1,000 in 20 minutes. I passed by a crap table and I won $1,700 in 10 minutes. The first time I was ever in a casino was in London. I walked in with $80. And I walked out with $40,000.

I’d like to gamble with you! That was when I was doing “Rocky Horror Pictures Show” and that was more than I made doing “Rocky Horror Picture Show!”

That’s a story to tell people. They paid me $1,700 to do the movie and I was getting ready to go home and I didn’t want to leave London and I won $40,000, so I stayed. It’s like the Kenny Rogers song, know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em. Know when to walk away! That’s how you gamble.

We heard a lot of that during World Series of Poker. I bet you did! Every time I’ve gone to those celebrity poker [tournaments] with all those professionals, they have three days and I get really bored. The last time I went, I had the most chips in the room. So at my table, they were going, “Ok, so everybody will be back here at 8 o’clock tomorrow.” I’m not coming back here – so I divided all my chips up with everybody at the table and they frowned on that. So I haven’t been invited back!

Meat Loaf Lyssa Lynne

Meat Loaf and actress Lyssa Lynne during rehearsal for “RockTellz & CockTails.”

Is there anything else you want to tell people about the show? What would you tell people who only heard of one song, or someone bringing their kids? If they’re bringing their kids, I’ll try not to swear (laughs). I’m pretty good at not swearing these days. Although the other night I did say one swear word.

But you caught yourself! No, I did it on purpose. But, if they know one or two songs, they’ll like those one or two songs! They’re gonna see a great band and I believe, cross my fingers, that’s it’s a really entertaining evening. And when they leave here, they should be in a euphoric state. That’s what I’m leaving them with – a euphoric state. And then they can figure out a couple days later if it was that was good or not! It’s all about how you start and how you end. And our ending is completely over the top.

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