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Today’s Vegas Hook-Up: It Pays to Foursquare

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Do you Foursquare? Do you know what Foursquare is? Are you disturbed by this blog using “Foursquare” as verb? Are you already growing tired of inane questions? How about now? Can you believe how long we’re dragging this out? Is it annoying yet? Are you still reading? Did you jump ahead and come back because you just love question marks? Still here? Ready to move on?

Foursquare, for those not quite as hip and technologically savvy as this blog, is a smart phone app thingy that lets you “check in” at various places like restaurants and bars and nightclubs and the offices of bailbondsmen.

Why do people love checking in so much? We have no idea. We are a Las Vegas blog, not a social networking fad monitor. But we do know it can be addictive and fun.


Did we ask Foursquare if we could use their logo? Do we live by society's rules?

Now there are more reasons to Foursquare. Tons of Las Vegas hotels are offering specials for those who use Foursquare to check in. We do love us some free Las Vegas stuff!

Here are some stand-outs when it comes to Foursquare perks in Vegas, specifically those offered by the Pulse of Vegas hotels featured in this blog. In each case, just show your Foursquare check-in to the friendly folks at the Total Rewards (player loyalty program) booth to receive your goodies.

At Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon, receive 2-for-1 drinks at any casino bar; at Caesars Palace, get a coupon for a free 16 oz. cup of coffee with purchase of a dessert pastry at Payard Patisserie & Bistro; at Flamingo Vegas, get 2-for-1 drinks at any casino bar; at Imperial Palace, get 2-for-1 burgers at Burger Palace; at Harrah’s, you’ll get a free appetizer with purchase of an entree at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill; at Paris, you’ll enjoy $5 off your entree at Le Burger Brasserie (see below); and at Rio, receive a free meatball appetizer (with the purchase of an entree) at Martorano’s.

Le Burger Brasserie

It just felt like this blog post needed another photo.

Find out more about Foursquare here, because let’s admit it, you currently have way, way too much free time.

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