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Anthony Cools Ruptures Spleens at Paris

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You know how sometimes you think you know whether you’re going to like a Vegas show or not, even before you go? We’re embarrassed to admit we thought we knew about Anthony Cools’ show at Paris Vegas. “Hypnosis? People acting like chickens? Thanks, but no thanks.”

Well, we’re ecstatic to say we didn’t know squat. The Anthony Cools show is, without a doubt, one of the funniest shows in Las Vegas, and possibly on the planet, plain and simple. And no chickens. Which is good, because given the nature of Anthony Cools’ show, you do NOT want to know how those chicken feathers would be used.

Anthony Cools

Anthony Cools' impish charm makes his outrageous show all the more disarming.

You know you’re seeing a great show when your jaw is literally cramping from laughing so much. And yes, Anthony Cools causes some serious cramping.

Cools’ spleen-rupturing show at Paris Vegas features audience volunteers, fully relaxed (“induced,” in the parlance of the trade) and ready to explore new realms of raunchy, funny, Vegas-style exploits onstage. It’s outrageous and ballsy (can we say “ballsy”?) and full-bore, non-stop fun.

Volunteers are given permission to unleash their true Vegas selves. Unedited. Unfiltered. Unbelievable!

And while there are some blush-inducing moments (“Should a librarian really be doing THAT with a beer bottle?”), the festivities are handled with a restraint (and ultimately, professionalism) that only an obviously-seasoned, master mirth-maker like Anthony Cools could manage.

You never feel like the train’s going to run off the tracks, or that anyone’s going to suffer undue humiliation (for example, Cools respectfully covers the legs of the women wearing short skirts so their relaxed state doesn’t reveal too much). It’s all just imagination gone wild, and the results are hilarious.

Anthony Cools

These "Cools Rules" are more like "guidelines." No actual underwear is exposed during the show. (Just deal!)

We’ve always said that Las Vegas is full of surprises, and the Anthony Cools show is no exception. So, forget what you think you know, and relax. Then let loose. And Anthony Cools is just the guy to help you do it when you’re in Sin City.

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