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Boyz II Men Hit All the Right Notes at Flamingo

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There are a few things you should know about this blog: 1) We do not clap in unison at musical performances. 2) We do not sing along at those performances. 3) We do not stand up and dance in public. Ever.

And yet, we’re happy to report we did all those things, with reckless abandon, at the Boyz II Men show at Flamingo Vegas.

Boyz II Men

That tingling sensation you feel is Boyz II Men about to bring it.

The Boyz II Men show is a euphoria-inducing flashback to a time when this talented group of R&B singers made chart-topping hits look effortless. Now, they make performing those hits look equally effortless, but it doesn’t take much time to realize: The Boyz are working their azzes off.

Boyz II Men

It's officially been brought.

While some vocalists 20 years into their careers find ways to take the easy route (going for that octave-lower note rather than the goosebump-making one, for example), Boyz II Men attack their songs like they have something to prove. They don’t. These guys are the real deal. Just ask anyone on their feet at the end of their show. Oh, and that’s everyone in the Flamingo Showroom.

George Wallace

Comedy legend, and fellow Flamingo headliner, George Wallace was loving the show.

The first half of the Boyz II Men show is packed with their staggering number of hits that have become part of our cultural DNA. “Motown Philly,” “End of the Road,” “On Bended Knee,” and other chart-toppers, are performed with a heartfelt exuberance, and the pitch-perfect harmonies just keep coming.

Yes, we sang along. Out loud. You simply can’t not.

Shawn Stockman

Shawn Stockman takes a knee (two, actually) during a stirring rendition of "On Bended Knee."

The second half of the show is devoted to holiday classics. In one endearing segment, Shawn Stockman, Nathan Morris and Wanya Morris sit around a piano, trading playful jabs and lending their distinctive vocals to their favorite childhood Christmas tunes. There’s a sincerity in their interaction that can’t be manufactured, and it’s obvious these seasoned performers still love to put on a crowd-pleasing show.

Boyz II Men

The guys provide some harmonious holiday spirit, as well as a few laughs.

By the time the singers get to “I’ll Make Love to You,” complete with handing out red roses to swooning female audience members, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with Boyz II Men all over again.

Let’s just say that had this blog been wearing panties, they’d have been flung onto the Flamingo Showroom stage. There, we said it.

Boyz II Men

Mellifluous. Mellow. Mesmerizing. And several other "m" words.

Bumping into the guys after the show, we were struck by how unassuming these guys are, apparently unaffected by their decades-long stardom.

Boyz II Men

Shawn Stockman, Nathan Morris and Wanya Morris.

Boyz II Men, the best-selling R&B group of all time, and the current holders of this blog’s heart (sorry, Holly Madison), take the stage at Flamingo through Jan. 9. Get tickets.

Check out our exclusive gallery of photos we somehow managed to capture while trying to avoid publicly getting our groove on. (Epic fail.)

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