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Celebrity Chippendales: Stars Who Have Strut Their Stuff

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By Ashley Friedman

You don’t get a second chance at a lot of things in life — first kisses, job interviews, NBA free-throw contests sponsored by local radio stations, to name a few — but the chance to see your earliest celebrity crush in the flesh wearing a bow tie and no shirt like you always wanted in middle school? That, my friend, we can do right here on the Strip at the Chippendales’ Las Vegas show at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

Chippendales Las Vegas sounds like something you made up in a dream — a live revue of singing, dancing, ridiculously hot men — but since 1979, it’s been the real deal. The first all-male stripping troupe, Chippendales has played host to many a celebrity cameo, featuring only the most smoldering male celebs, harnessing both their intangible personal heat and their exceptional skills on the dance floor.

The result is a hip-gyrating, hormone-igniting, visual aphrodisiac more lust-inducing than a thermos full of Brass Monkey and 10,000 oysters. Known for their iconic neckwear and bare chests that appear carved from stone, a Chippendales dancer is a rare breed. Let’s take a look at some of the famous fellas who have worn the sacred bow tie at one time or another.

Jeff Timmons 

Las Vegas Show Chippendales Celebrities - Jeff Timmons

The late ’90s was one of the most important eras in guy-hotness in American history, and this phenomenon owes a debt of gratitude to boy bands. One boy band specifically: 98 Degrees. The band name also describes the temperature when Jeff Timmons takes off his shirt to reveal that in the ’90s, he was just getting warmed up! His tenure at Chippendales Las Vegas is a testament to both his talent and the timelessness of men dancing in formation.

Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence

Back in the ’90s, there was “nothin” Joey Lawrence’s love couldn’t fix, and believe it or not, that is still true today. Lawrence has come a long way since portraying dull-witted he-fox Joey Russo on the beloved sitcom “Blossom,” but what’s important hasn’t changed. Lawrence’s physique continues to impress, his hair looks great and those puppy dog eyes of his don’t hurt either.

Antonio Sabato Jr.

Antonio Sabato Jr March 2016 Photos By Denise Truscello

I still carry suspicions that Antonio Sabato Jr. is not human, but a hyper-attractive cyborg who was designed by an all-female focus group in some kind of “Weird Science” wish-fulfillment fantasy. Like his Chippendales counterparts, this former poster boy for Calvin Klein and soap star has somehow gotten hotter with age. This lends further credence to my cyborg theory, and is reason enough to attend the show: to perform a close-up investigation of his abdomen, just to check for wires.

Tyson Beckford

Las Vegas Show Chippendales Celebrity Appearance - Tyson Beckford

Not to be outdone by Sabato Jr., another one of Chippendales most desirable gentlemen also had his own music video fame. Yes, Tyson Beckford appeared in Janet Jackson and Toni Braxton music videos. Remember when he got out of the pool and when she shaved his face? This model-turned-actor’s nearly preposterous physical beauty is matched only by the intensity of his gaze, which means watching him gyrate in a bow tie mere feet away counts as a religious experience.

Jake Pavelka


No erotically-charged troupe of topless male dancers would be complete if it didn’t include some of the hunks who have captivated us, not by acting, singing, but simply by being themselves… sort of. Yes, ladies, I’m talking about the heroes of reality television. Do you recall the achingly hot “Bachelor” contestant Jake Pavelka?

He of the golden-boy smile and all-American build? This is a man of many talents and star of six reality shows (yes, you read that right). The former pilot can now add shirtless dancer to the resume with his run on the Chippendale’s stage. Proving his “Dancing With the Stars” stint was just a warm-up act.

Ronnie Ortiz-Margo

Jersey Shore Star: Las Vegas Show - Chippendales

If enormous muscles and an adorable baby face are more your thing, allow me to point out the tremendously sexy contributions to Chippendales Las Vegas made by the one known as Ronnie Ortiz-Margo, of “Jersey Shore” fame. He’s come a long way from Seaside Heights to Las Vegas, but he’s clearly retained the “Gym” part of the famed “Gym, Tan, Laundry” mantra. Some things never change.

Ian Ziering

Beverly Hills 90210 Star apart of the Las Vegas Show - Chippendales

Last but certainly not least, Chippendales Las Vegas dancer Ian Ziering proves that the best things come to those who wait. As spoiled jock Steve Sanders on “Beverly Hills 90210, Ziering was regularly outshone by costars Luke Perry and Jason Priestley, but all that’s changed. The years have been kind to Ziering —   very, very kind — and after about 15 seconds of staring at that tan chest, you’ll be all, “Dylan Who?”

Nyle DiMarco


Keep an eye out for the next celebrity guest host, Nyle DiMarco, who will strut his stuff with the Chippendales Sept. 22 – Oct. 16. DiMarco was the winner of both “Dancing with the Stars” and “America’s Next Top Model.” Make it a wild girls night out and visit the Flirt Lounge or Wine Cellar before the show.

Ashley Friedman is a comedy writer living in LA and loves the Bachelor, rosé, weekends in Vegas and cataloging pop culture.

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  1. Shalome Gwinovic

    Chippendale shows are my favorite.I really like Antonio but who am I kidding , ohh that Steve sanders so just know one day soon you will have Justin bieber dancing and for that I will be front row ……. just please let me know when