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Chippendales Host Joey Lawrence Is All Growed Up

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Remember that cute little Joey Lawrence, the one on “Blossom” back in the 1990s? Well, he’s still a heartthrob, but he’s not that little anymore.

Joey Lawrence

It takes a brave soul to take to the Chippendales stage.

Joey Lawrence has signed on for a guest-hosting stint at the Chippendales male revue at Rio Las Vegas, and we were there for his opening night show.

Lawrence didn’t seem to know quite what to make of the audience’s enthusiasm (understatement of the year) at first, but he warmed up to the idea after a segment or two.

Joey Lawrence is actually an accomplished singer, so aside from his emcee duties, he got to perform his rendition of “Chicago,” a tribute to the Rat Pack’s “pack master,” Frank Sinatra.

Joey Lawrence

The Chippendales show is very, um, interactive.

Lawrence seemed to gel with his new Chippendales buddies, although he acknowledged they’re in a different league when it comes to sheer buff.


Oh, shirts will be ripped.

Still, Lawrence took part in a time-honored Chippendales tradition, the ripping off of his T-shirt. The men of Chippendales go through about 12,000 shirts a year. We are not making this up.

Joey Lawrence

Practice makes perfect, Joey.

Bonus Joey Lawrence trivia: His real name is Joseph Lawrence Mignogna, Jr.


Joey and the guys after the show.

In addition to revolving guest hosts, there’s always something new going on at Chippendales, including new numbers (including a recently-added LMFAO segment) and new members of the cast, suitable for ogling.

Chippendales J.J. May

We think J.J. May is new. We are a Las Vegas blog, not a dancer keeper-tracker-of-er.

If you aren’t having a complete blast at a Chippendales show, you’re doing Vegas wrong!

Matt Marshall

Matt Marshall is also new to the show. Probably. Look, we're just posting this so we can share it on Pinterest.

Joey Lawrence’s special engagement ends soon (June 24, 2012), so don’t miss him.

Chippendales Shaun

Shaun isn't new. He just provides this blog with a lot of traffic. For some reason.

Here’s our exclusive photo gallery chock-full of gratuitous beefcake. Which, as you know, is the best kind of beefcake.

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