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Crazy Girls Las Vegas Show Celebrates 30 Years

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In a town known as an adult playground, it’s no surprise Las Vegas is home to beautiful women who show off their dancing skills nightly up and down the Vegas Strip. Thirty years ago, Crazy Girls took the town by storm, changing the Las Vegas entertainment landscape for good. On October 3, the show officially celebrated 30 years of no ifs, ands or… well, it always celebrates a lot of butts actually!

Every dancer gets a solo act in Crazy Girls Las Vegas show

Fringe-tastic! Photo courtesy of Crazy Girls.

The Mayor of Las Vegas officially proclaimed Oct. 3 to be Crazy Girls Day in Las Vegas so it’s only proper to pay homage to the women by booking your tickets to see them perform at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. In honor of the anniversary, we wanted to share a few fun facts about the gorgeous ladies who grace the stage every night.

Some things never change

Crazy Girls has been heating up the Strip for three decades. Though there have been many shows to follow in its footsteps, Crazy Girls is the longest running Las Vegas topless revue still in production. In the years since it hit the scene, it has grown and changed with the times to stay current. Luckily for your Instagram selfies, the iconic bronze butt statue has stood the test of time.

That got their attention

Crazy Girls artistic director and choreographer Jennifer Stowe filled us in on some fun details from the show’s opening. She used to dance in the show and has heard tales of the early days when advertising for Crazy Girls made quite the scene in Vegas. Stowe says, “We had a billboard on the highway in the late ‘80s or early ‘90s and a politician’s son saw it and he was evidently offended. They said something had to be put over the butts so the producer put cloth skirts over them but when the wind blew, people were trying to look up the skirts. They were causing accidents so that didn’t last long. The producer was one of the first to do all of the taxi cab ads back then so there were butts on all the taxi cabs too.”

Keeping it fresh

Stowe says the show is routinely updated to stay fresh. “We switch out the dancers and the numbers a lot. We have a lot of repeat customers so when they come back, they’ll see new dancers and new numbers so it’s kind of like a brand new show for them. We have a cast of ten and seven perform a night so they rotate through.”

Staying in shape

The performers work out frequently to keep themselves in excellent shape to perform the dance moves most are only flexible enough to do in their dreams. The dancers do Pilates and take dance classes to stay in shape. They also hit the gym regularly to lift weights.

Standing tall, with or without heels

There are no specific height requirements for the Crazy Girls cast but many of the current dancers used to be members of Jubilee, a show at Bally’s Las Vegas, which had a tall height requirement. The current lineup of ladies features dancers who are 5’8” to 5’10” so once they strap on those heels, they might be taller than their audience members.

There is no height requirement for the girls in Las Vegas show - Crazy Girls

Come get crazy with Crazy Girls! Photo courtesy of Crazy Girls.

Under the lights

The dancers have to get spray tanned twice a week to maintain the beautiful bronzed look that shows up best under the lights on stage. When they can’t make it to the tanning salon, they’ll use tanning lotion in between but their bi-weekly tanning ritual keeps them looking show-ready.

Less is more

While less is definitely more in the clothing department at a show like Crazy Girls, it also applies to makeup. The producer of Crazy Girls is a fan of the girl next door look so the dancers don’t have the typical heavy makeup associated with showgirls.

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What sets them apart

Other topless revues are mostly group numbers with a few solos interspersed. Crazy Girls gives every dancer a solo act. Stowe says, “One thing with us is each girl gets featured. They each have a solo so you get to kind of know each girl.”

Wigging out

If you’re wondering how the girls in the famous statue all seem to have such uniform looking hair, it’s because they’re wigs. The dancers wear up to 10 wigs a night for the various acts. Insider secret: Stowe says, “Most of the girls wear wigs throughout the show then they show their own hair for their solos.”

Time for a quick change

The dancers go through 18 costume changes per show. Though many of the costumes are quite skimpy, the sheer volume of them requires a seamstress on staff. Luckily, Crazy Girls is fortunate to have a former dancer as their seamstress. She used to dance in the show in the ’90s so you could say she knows the costumes inside and out.

Pick up the new program book celebrating 30 years

Let the original topless revue show you how it’s done. Photo courtesy of Crazy Girls.

Crazy all over the world

Crazy Girls got its start at a now shuttered casino, The Riviera. The show took place in two different venues there before moving to its new home at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Over the years, they’ve taken the show on the road. Crazy Girls has performed across the country and all over the world in its 30 year history.

New for the anniversary

The show has created a brand new program book in honor of the milestone anniversary. Pick one up and enjoy all new photos of the beautiful dancers and take it home to show off your Vegas vacation to all your friends. There’s also an opportunity after the show to take pictures with the dancers to really make your friends jealous.

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