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Flo Rida Releases His Music Video, “How I Feel” Filmed At Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Last updated: November 15, 2013 at 5:50 pm. Posted by in Celebrities, Las Vegas Shows, Planet Hollywood Resort. Comments Off on Flo Rida Releases His Music Video, “How I Feel” Filmed At Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.

Lights, Flo Rida, Action! Time to put your apple-bottom jeans (and boots with the fur) away: Flo Rida’s got a slick, glam look for his latest video, “How I Feel,” filmed in the heart of the Strip at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.

From flashy parties to beautiful women, you best believe Flo is living the fancy Vegas life. Combining the spirit of the Rat Pack with glam rap allure, Flo and his boys come decked out in suits and a whole lot of swagger.

The video itself is entertaining, featuring aerial Strip views and an inside look at the nonstop action at the famed Las Vegas hotel. One of the scenes actually reminds us of the parties seen in this year’s “Great Gatsby” movie, complete with a live band and vintage women’s attire.  

Get the behind-the-scenes look with Flo Rida and the creative vision of his talented music video director, Shane Drake. If this doesn’t inspire you to suit up for a night out in town, we don’t know what will.

One thing’s for certain: The infectious hook, inspired by the jazz legend Nina Simone, will be playing in your head all day. Birds flying high, you know how I feel…

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