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Inferno Heats Up The Las Vegas Strip

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Inferno at Paris Las Vegas heats up the Las Vegas Strip, quite literally.

Inferno heats up the Strip. Photo courtesy of Masters of Dirt.

Paris Las Vegas Show – INFERNO: The Fire Spectacular

Leather. Check. Tattooed beauties. Check. FIRE! Triple check.

“INFERNO: The Fire Spectacular” at Paris Las Vegas is truly unlike any other show on the Strip. It’s definitely a whole lot hotter and that’s not just because of the copious amounts of fire. The Fuel Girls are the new breed of Vegas showgirl and their sultry allure is one of a kind.

New Las Vegas show Inferno has performers are literally playing with fire.

Not your average showgirl. Photo courtesy of Masters of Dirt and Bartek Wolinski.

This brand new show is heating up the Strip in a unique way. Your evening will be more exciting at “INFERNO” because the performers are literally playing with fire. You think you’re tough for putting out a candle with wet fingers? Imagine swallowing flames and escaping a straight jacket while fire nips at your toes. The stars of “Inferno” do all this and more, all while looking incredibly sexy.

Master magician Joe Labero is a prestigious “Illusionist of the Decade” award from the Merlin Award Society.

Joe Labero takes magic to the next level with fire. Photo courtesy of Inferno.

European master magician Joe Labero elevates his magic with the addition of fire, making his illusions that much more impressive. Labero has received the prestigious “Illusionist of the Decade” award from the Merlin Award Society. Expect expert sleight of hand that will definitely leave you scratching your head. We don’t want to give too much away but be on the look out for an astonishing card trick that’s really super cool.

Fire on stage makes everything more exciting at Inferno Las Vegas show.

Fire makes everything more exciting! Photo by Anna Vinterall Photography.

Cue Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire” because The Fuel Girls are literally on fire! The Fuel Girls aren’t your average magician’s assistants. They’re tatted up and can crack a fiery bullwhip like you wouldn’t believe. Once they start twirling flame-filled props, you won’t be able to look away. Expect some of the hottest aerial stunts with a side of high flying flames.

Bottom line everything is sexier with fire - Inferno Las Vegas show

You say pyromaniac like it’s a bad thing! Photo by Anna Vinterall Photography.

Gasoline flows like water at this fiery spectacle that makes use of video screens so you can see all the close-up magic. “Inferno” makes use of every inch of the gorgeous Paris Theater stage with grand scale illusions and artistic acrobatics, with the added element of flames, of course. The bottom line is everything’s sexier in Paris and it gets even hotter at “INFERNO.”

Paris Las Vegas Inferno at Paris Las Vegas

Some like it hot! Photo by Anna Vinterall Photography.

Paris Las Vegas offers a host of spectacular entertainment. Show times for “INFERNO” are Wednesday through Sunday at 9:30 p.m. Show tickets for “INFERNO” start at $53.

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2 Responses

  1. I saw the Inferno show and thought it was great!! I loved the soundtrack that was chosen for it as well. I am desperately trying to find the song that animal did his stunts to towards the end. Can you please let me know the songs of the show?

  2. Allison Duck

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for reading! So glad you loved INFERNO too 🙂 I’ve reached out to the show’s team to see if I can track down the song list and I’ll be sure to let you know what I find out.