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John Caparulo – An Interview With Las Vegas Comedy’s Newest Headliner

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John Caparulo new Las Vegas comedy show at Harrah's Las Vegas

John Caparulo keeps them laughing. Photo courtesy of PR Plus.

John Caparulo Las Vegas Comedy Show

For those who don’t recognize his name, we’re guessing you still know who John Caparulo is. The dry-witted comedian has a style where his Midwestern roots — he’s from Ohio — are mixed with his drawn out, easygoing way of speaking to create sparks of hilarity.

His droll takes on everything from different geographic regions to hunting make audiences wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” For reference, check out his take on one of his fellow Midwestern states. Says Caparulo, “I went to Missouri. I got a speeding ticket for $130. That’s a bunch of crap. Rent’s not $130 in Missouri…”

As the newest headliner at Harrah’s Las Vegas (He stars in The Comedy Lineup Thursday thru Saturday, while Tom Green headlines Sunday thru Monday.), the 42-year-old comic is excited to take Vegas by storm. He’s so dedicated to making his new show work that he has uprooted his family and now lives in Sin City full time.

With standout appearances on “Chelsea Lately” and “The Tonight Show” plus two comedy specials of his own, Caparulo has become a proven commodity. I caught up with “Cap” in his green room at Harrah’s, where we discussed everything from why Las Vegas is a dream town for a comedian to the inner workings of his new show.

The Comedy Lineup at Harrah’s Las Vegas

Tom Green and John Caparulo in The Comedy Lineup at Harrah's Las Vegas

The Comedy Lineup stars. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Did you want a Vegas residency?

Absolutely. It always seemed like such a dream way to go for a comic. I absolutely hate travel. I hate being away from home. I hate all that stuff. If I can wake up and go to sleep in the same place in the same day, that’s a real plus for me. The only place you can do that as a comic in this country is Las Vegas if you want to make a living. I used to see George Wallace’s name up at the Flamingo and I thought, “Man, that would be great.”

You’re in the big showroom at Harrah’s. You are currently working on building momentum. What are your feelings on the space so far?

I love the room. I love the way it’s set up. The best thing would be to have people in the room. I mean, completely full. I’m still not there yet. I can’t wait until I am because that will be a phenomenal rush of energy. That room full would be unbelievable. I’m still trying to figure out my approach. It’s a different show than I’m used to. I’m essentially opening for myself. I have the highlight reel of my career going before the show. But when you come out there, the crowd’s not exactly the way they are when you have an opener. I’m working a little slower. The first few weeks I was running way over time. I couldn’t figure out how to do all that – I wanted to do the whole anthology, I wanted to do everything that has been in my act for a while. I realized I have to start cutting here and approach a little slower. Be a little more engaged with the front row.

Refinement is one of the more fun parts of the craft. Besides editing, now that you are seeing some of the audiences you are getting, are you taking any different angles than you would at other places?

You have to feel it out in Vegas because it’s generally tourists. I can start in on a bit and I might make fun of politics and sometimes, it depends on the night. If the crowd is really into it and really responds to it, great. If you feel that uneasiness, I just find my side door out of that bit and go on to something else. The vibe is different. It’s not like when you’re touring as a comic, going club to club to club. Those people who see those shows, that’s the only thing they have to do – that’s their plan for the night. They’re going out to see a comedy show and then they’re going home. Whereas here it’s like, ‘Oh yeah, we’ll go check out this comedy show and then what else?’ It’s a different vibe. Some nights I figure it out, other nights I don’t. I’m just hoping to get a good percentage here as I go along.

New Las Vegas comedy show featuring John Caparulo

John Caparulo has a style all his own. Photo courtesy of PR Plus.

This used to be Ralphie May’s room. Do you have any memories of him you want to share?

Ralphie was really a cool guy. I remember the first time he took me out on the road. We went to La Jolla in San Diego. Ralphie just seemed so much older and wiser than us because he started comedy so early he had this sage wisdom. It was cool to think, ‘This guy opened for Sam Kinison at one point and now he wants to take me on the road with him.’ It was just a ridiculous bar gig that we did. He was always very supportive and kind and positive about everything. I think I hated my set that night. I think I bombed, which isn’t rare. I hated those bar gigs. I didn’t do that well and I was really upset about it and I just remember him talking me off the ledge there. ‘It’s gonna be fine. You’re gonna be alright. It was great. Did you see my set? It was f***ing terrible.’ He was a cool, good guy.

Harrah's Las Vegas new comedy show features comedian, John Caparulo

Meet Cap at Harrah’s Thursday thru Saturday. Photo courtesy of PR Plus.

Do you have any goals for the show going forward?

My goal for the show is I want to be where George Wallace was. I want to be voted the Best 10 p.m. Comedy Show in Las Vegas. I don’t know who votes for these things. I feel like I have a chance. I’m pretty good at what I do. Here’s an opportunity. People are backing me up with billboards and s*** and I have a chance to really show off what I’ve learned over the past twenty-something years in comedy. I want it to be the best comedy show in Las Vegas.

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