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Keith Sweat Returns To Vegas

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We’re already sweating from these triple-digit summer temperatures and R&B artist Keith Sweat is about to turn the heat up with his show, “Keith Sweat: Last Forever,” at Flamingo Las Vegas.

When we went to the Vegas show earlier this year, he brought special guests including Flava Flav, producer / singer Teddy Riley (of both Blackstreet and Guy), Keith Washington and Gary Jenkins, the lead singer of Silk. Jenkins even sang the group’s monster hit, “Freak Me” to the crowd — all without missing a note. You’ll be sure to see a star or two when you go.

Keith Sweat Returns To Vegas

The Harlem-born soul superstar made a huge impact in R&B music and had a slew of hits in the ’80s and ’90s like “I Want Her,” “Make It Last Forever,” “Twisted” and “Nobody” among many others. He’s also one of the contributing artists to New Jack Swing, a style that incorporates hip-hop, funk and R&B. In addition to successful record sales and a string of No. 1 songs, Sweat has an American Music Award for Favorite Male R&B / Soul Male Artist and a Soultrain Lifetime Achievement Award under his belt.

Here are five hits that’ll get you in the mood for his Vegas show. We must warn you: You’re going to want to take a cold shower after this one. Take a trip down memory lane and watch Keith Sweat live in concert starting Wednesday, July 5, 2017.

Twisted, 1996

What we love: The head-to-toe white suits. (Can we bring this look back?)

We all know the story about Romeo and Juliet, but most haven’t heard the tale about the detective and the thief. That’s where this video comes to play. Keith plays a cop who falls for a criminal and let’s just say it doesn’t turn out so well in the end. Sad ending aside, we get 1996 summertime vibes whenever we hear this upbeat classic. It’s that feel good, roll-your-windows-down kind of sound. Plus, we love how music videos were treated like mini-movies back in the ’90s.

Nobody, 1996

What we love: Mekhi Pfeiffer. Need we say more?

Speaking of music videos being like mini-movies, “Nobody” is no exception. And we’re seeing a theme – Keith also dons head-to-toe white in this video too.

If you’re a fan of actor Mekhi Pfeiffer, he makes his appearance at 1:17. This is also when Kut Klose lead singer Athena Cage starts singing her part of the song. (Ladies, you know you sing right along with her!) Her smooth-like-butter vocals is what makes this song truly stand out.

We also like the feel of video, which gives us a boutique hotel vibe.

I’ll Give All My Love To You, 1990

What we love: The whole drama over a missed phone call – a popular plot used in many old-school videos and movies.

We’re taking you back – way back – to that feel good R&B that just makes you feel oh-so-fine.

And fellas: You really don’t need a crazy, creative pickup line. All you have to do is recite this: I will never do anything to hurt you / I’ll give all my love to you / and if you need me baby, I’ll come running / only to you.

This video takes you back when it was all about big hair, flat tops and shoulder pads (surprisingly, two out of three are back in style). Keith’s plaid tweed suit is also a fun throwback.

Check out the game of phone tag in this video and remember what life was like before cell phones. One simple “Hey” text would solve everything here.

How Do You Like It, 1994

What we love: Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’ energy we all love and miss. (Rest in peace, Left Eye!)

We have so much love for the late Left Eye of TLC. Most people don’t know that these two collaborated on a song in the mid-90s. We had to include this track because not only is Left Eye’s in the video, but we see Keith’s gangsta side – a switch up from his typical suits and GQ look. We’re feeling the hoodies and over-sized sports jerseys.

This song also reminds us how the ’90s paired hard, gritty beats with an R&B song – a combination we miss dearly in today’s music. Stick around ’til 2:58 and Left Eye does what she did best: Deliver her signature funky flow.

Make You Sweat, 1990

What we love: Stating the obvious: It makes us sweat.

Back in the early ’90s, you can’t go wrong with neon colors, “vogue-ing” and shots of silhouette profiles, which is what this video has plenty of. We’ll always favor the OG Running Man dance over today’s version. If you’re around some youngsters, you gotta demonstrate the original.

Forget those VHS workout tapes. This music video (not to mention the beat) would have worked on its own. We’re inspired. As a matter of fact, we’re planning our throwback dance party as we speak.

This track will definitely make you sweat and wish you still had your old-school clothes to match. If you happen to hear this song at his Vegas show, you better get up from your seat!

Bonus: My Body, 1997

What we love: Besides the smooth vocals of Johnny Gill and Eddie Levert accompanying Keith Sweat, we’d have to say it’s the overall feel of the video. You’ll be wanting to get your groove on.

A Keith Sweat blog wouldn’t be complete with a shout out to “My Body.” If you grow up in the ’90s, you would know LSG stands for (Gerald) Levert, (Keith) Sweat and (Johnny) Gill. Now that’s what you call an R&B super group.

The sexiness of this beat is on another level. You’ll probably be calling your boo (or your boo-ty call) right after this blog. This video also reminded us how the ladies loved the black leather trench coats back in the day – very reminiscent of John Shaft. And if we were still in pager world, you’d be hitting up your sweet thing with a “9-1-1-00-24.”

Back for a second residency, Sweat will be in Vegas on July 5-8, 11, 13-15, 18 and 20-22, 2017. Each show starts at 7:30 p.m.

We know you’re excited about Keith Sweat’s “Last Forever” show. Share in the comments your favorite Keith Sweat songs and memories (keep it clean, guys!).

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