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Las Vegas Shows That Will Make You Laugh

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There are plenty of things to laugh at in Las Vegas that maybe you shouldn’t – the dude sporting socks with sandals or the lady leaving the club who totally can’t walk in her heels. Luckily there are plenty of shows designed to make you laugh where you won’t feel guilty for doing so. Here are a few of our favorite Las Vegas comedy shows guaranteed to bring out the laughs.

Caesars Palace

Las Vegas comedy show at Caesars Palace featuring actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld

Caesars Palace has a roster packed with humorous headliners. Actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld, known for his hilarious character on the sitcom “Seinfeld,” returns to the Strip regularly at The Colosseum. His observational humor will make you take a second look, and a laugh, at everyday situations. Comedic ventriloquist Jeff Dunham is also a Colosseum regular, bringing his nutty characters like Walter, Achmed, Peanut and José Jalapeño to make you laugh. Political correctness goes out the window but hey, Dunham’s not the one saying all these irreverent things. Blame his cast of colorful characters, or better yet, thank them for the laughs.

Absinthe, Las Vegas comedy show can be crude and raunchy but it's the funniest show on the Strip

Just outside Caesars Palace is one of the funniest shows in Las Vegas. The humor in “Absinthe” might make your mama blush but she’s guaranteed to laugh too. Its humor is crude. It’s raunchy. It’s over-the-top in all the best ways. The show’s host, The Gazillionaire, has no boundaries so don’t be surprised if he picks on you. This show definitely falls in the NSFW category but the unexpected level of dirty fun is what makes it one of the most talked about shows on the Strip.

Paris Las Vegas

Las Vegas comedy show, Anthony Cools at the Paris Las Vegas

Hypnosis loosens your inhibitions like nothing else and Anthony Cools uses it to humorous effects in his show at Paris Las Vegas. Willing participants in the Anthony Cools Showroom are uncensored once they fall under his spell so expect some raunchy humor with no boundaries. If you or your friends end up on stage, you’ll have something to really laugh about for years to come.

Speaking of adult humor, Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man, also in the Anthony Cools Showroom, is just what you would expect with a show name like that. Kendra Wilkinson from “Kendra on Top” and “The Girls Next Door” and Jai Rodriguez from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” put a hilarious spin on sex tips that’s guaranteed to entertain you unlike memories of your antiquated sex ed class. Imagine getting sex tips from a Playboy Playmate. This is literally the stuff of your teenage dreams and now you can get it in real life.

Flamingo Las Vegas

Las Vegas comedy show, Piff the Magic Dragon at the Flamingo Las Vegas

A grown man in a dragon costume cradling a Chihuahua is funny enough, but wait until he starts talking. Piff the Magic Dragon at Flamingo Las Vegas takes dry humor and irreverence to a new level with an act that cracked up the “America’s Got Talent” judges.

Piff is one of two “America’s Got Talent” alum entertaining crowds at Bugsy’s Cabaret at the Flamingo Las Vegas. Tape Face brings humor à la Charlie Chaplin with his modern-day mime act. His physical humor is enough to make you laugh, without needing words. His act is laced with puppetry but this isn’t kiddie story time; you’ll be cracking up even if Tape Face never cracks and breaks character.

Harrah’s Las Vegas

Las Vegas comedy show, Mac King at Harrah's Las Vegas

You might not expect one of the funniest shows on the Strip to be a family-friendly magic show but believe it. Mac King brings humor to Harrah’s with his zany tricks in the Harrah’s Showroom. Don’t be surprised if you laugh as much as your kids. You’ll never look at goldfish the same way again!


Who knew menopause was so funny? Actress Cindy Williams from Laverne & Shirley puts the humor in the change of life as she joins the cast “Menopause the Musical“, which men will get a kick out of too. Popular songs are rewritten with silly references about what women go through. The Bee Gee’s “Night Fever” becomes “Night Sweatin’” and “Stayin’ Alive” becomes “Stayin’ Awake.” You’ll laugh along in the Harrah’s Cabaret, whether you’ve experienced “the change” already or not.

Bally’s Las Vegas

The Book Club Ladies and Sexy Couple from 50 Shades, Las Vegas comedy show

Some people may think “50 Shades of Grey” stories are humorous because it’s not exactly Shakespearean literature. Set the far-fetched plot to music and you’ve got the recipe for hilarity. “50 Shades! The Parody” will have you busting out laughing in the Windows Showroom, whether you’ve read the books or not. Some of the minor characters nearly steal the show with their overly dramatic takes on the sexually-charged spoof.

“The Miss Behave Game Show” is rapid-fire humor for the “Monty Python” lovers out there, that takes place in The Back Room at Bally’s. The show relies heavily on audience participation so come ready to let yourself get sucked into the zany show that’s a combo of a variety show, dance party and boozy game show. Lovers of laughs are the real winners here.

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