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The Man In Plaid: Mac King Still Going Strong After 18 Years At Harrah’s

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Comedian and magician Mac King with a bowl of goldfish

Don’t worry. No goldfish are harmed during Mac King’s show. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Mac King Las Vegas Show at Harrah’s Las Vegas

“Howdy, I’m Mac King!” That’s how comic magician Mac King always begins his show at Harrah’s Las Vegas. From the start, as he takes the stage in a baggy plaid suit that he says was made from his grandmother’s drapes, you know King is down to earth, friendly and lots of fun.

King has been playing at Harrah’s Las Vegas for more than 18 years and just renewed his contract to perform through 2023.

Most Vegas shows don’t run for that long and when asked what the key is to the show’s longevity, King says laughingly, “It’s cheap.”

“Seriously though, I think really one of the big things is that it’s appealing to 8-year-olds and 18-year-olds and 88-year-olds and it’s really a broad spectrum of people,” King said. “I’ve been really lucky – every age group, every economic bracket- it seems to appeal to a really wide range of folks, so I think that’s one of the reasons it’s still there.”

King was also one of the pioneers of the afternoon Vegas Las Vegas shows. His show runs at 1 and 3 p.m. Tues. – Sat. He said he enjoys the afternoon time slot because of the freedom it gives him to spend time with family.

“It’s worked out really great for me. My daughter wouldn’t exist without me having an afternoon show I think. My wife and I had long discussions about children and kind of decided not to because I was on the road and gone so much, but when this afternoon thing came along, we decided hey, this is a really great schedule to be a dad,” King said. “I can leave my house sometimes as late as noon and I can be out of there by five o’clock. Before she was driving herself to school, we would get up and have breakfast together and I’d take her to school and when I came home from work, my wife and daughter and I would all be able to have dinner together and hang out. It’s a really amazing way to be in show business and still have a really strong family life.”

Family-Friendly Las Vegas Show

Since he’s such a family guy, it’s not surprising that King’s show is family friendly. Adults shouldn’t let that dissuade them from going though. You’ll still be awed by the tricks and King has plenty of racier jokes for the older crowd that will go right over the kids’ heads.

King has been doing magic since he was a child and starts his show with a rope trick that his grandfather taught him. He says he always knew he wanted to be a magician.

“I had one other job early on as a chef,” said King. “If I wasn’t going to be a magician I’d like to be a chef, but that was only a couple months and I never looked back, never had another job since then. I graduated from college with a degree in anthropology so I’m not really qualified to be a chef or a magician.”

Magician Mac King Las Vegas show is a great afternoon show to take the family

Enjoy quirky magician Mac King’s show at Harrah’s Las Vegas. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

He’s also a master at sleight-of-hand magic and you’ll be amazed at the card tricks that follow.

Throughout the course of the show you’ll also see shadow puppets, random appearances of Fig Newtons, items mysteriously appearing in King’s shoes, the hilarious Cloak of Invisibility and tricks involving a guinea pig and goldfish.

Not only will you be astonished by the magic in King’s show, but you’ll be laughing the whole time at his jokes and at the funny things that happen when audience members take the stage.

The show features lots of audience participation and is always different because you never know what the volunteers will do. King says he loves when participants are unpredictable.

“That’s kind of what I’m hoping for… I’m not really in the magic show business, I’m kind of in the experience business. It’s not like watching a show on television. When you’re in that room I want people to feel like anything can happen and unusual stuff did happen during the show.”

“I have a destination in mind. I know how the trick is going to end or where I want to go but I don’t mind taking some detours if people say stuff or do stuff that’s not what normally happens. I really like that and I think people like that too. You want to be a show where you go, ‘I was at the show where this happened.’ I’m really trying to have that feeling that I’m doing the show for the first time and that they’re seeing stuff no one else has ever seen. The closer I can come to that ideal, the better.”

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