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Spend The Night Miss Behaving In Vegas

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You know all those college parties and game nights you swear were super fun but the Smirnoff Ice and Natty Light had you a little fuzzy, so you’re not positive they were actually epic? Well, the Miss Behave Game Show at Bally’s Las Vegas is reminiscent of those, only it’s actually epic. We don’t toss that word around willy-nilly but with septuagenarians doing downward dog, a dude flying on stage from the crowd landing in the splits and a “Golden Girls” theme song sing-along, trust us; it’s warranted.

Miss Behave Game Show – Bally’s Las Vegas

Granted, each audience is different and yours likely won’t have the same characters but keep in mind, this was just an average Tuesday night at the Back Room at Bally’s Las Vegas. If we cranked it to 11 on a Tuesday, imagine a weekend with Miss Behave? Speaking of imagining Miss Behave, you’re probably trying to figure out who this zany lady actually is and what her game show is all about.

Charge your phone for the Miss Behave Game Show at Bally's Las Vegas

Get ready to text your craziest pics to Miss Behave and Tiffany. Photo by Allison Duck / Total Vegas Blog.

Phone-Friendly Show

When you walk in, you’re split up and seated along party lines. No, not those party lines, silly. You’re divided by the more important party lines — which type of cell phone you have: iPhones and the affectionately named “others,” because seriously, that’s how it should be. (Team iPhone in da house!)

The chemistry with your team is instantaneous because there is not much that’s more polarizing than phone preference. Points are awarded for winning the various games Miss Behave has concocted, or really just whenever she wants to dole them out. Pro tip: You never know until you ask.

Despite being on opposite sides, the entire audience’s goal is to have the best and craziest time possible so there’s a good deal of collaboration in the name of laughter. Just think, if Miss Behave can get iPhone lovers and the “others” to get along for a night, world peace can’t be that far out of her grasp.

Miss Behave will have you laughing until you're crying

Miss Behave at Tiffany will have you laughing ’til you cry. Photo by DJ Clulow / Caesars Entertainment.

Tiny Costume, Huge Laughs

The show wastes no time getting down to business, the business of one-upping itself with laughs, that is. Miss Behave, clothed in the finest gold sequined jumpsuit and matching head wrap, is a sparkly ball of energy who can’t be outshone by pretty much any other person. Enter Tiffany, Miss Behave’s trusty sidekick, who’s up for any challenge, including trying to outshine a human disco ball. Tiffany’s antics are second only to his wardrobe. Think Officer Dangle from “Reno 911,” only with smaller, tighter clothes and a way more intense mustache. Tiffany’s dance moves are showcased during one unforgettable number that really makes use of the intimate theater and low ceilings on the stage.

Take a mid-show selfie at Miss Behave Game Show

Mid-show selfie? Don’t mind if we do. Photo by DJ Clulow / Caesars Entertainment.

It’s Punny, Really Punny

This nutty duo takes the crowd on what can only be described as an out-of-mind experience through the silliest, most pun-filled games you can ever imagine (and some you can’t), many involving cell phones. This is one show that’s all about the crowd using phones during it so make sure your battery is fully charged. You don’t want to miss out on the kind of audience participation only Miss Behave could dream up.

Games include Words with Friends, as in the cast of the TV show, and “Shazam that Riff,” where the quickest draw with the music-identification app wins. Really, everyone’s a winner with this game that turns the theater into a giant sing-along. You’ll pretty much be singing, dancing and cheering along throughout the entire show.

You're guaranteed to have a ball at the Miss Behave Game Show

You’ll have a ball at the Miss Behave Game Show. Photo by DJ Clulow / Caesars Entertainment.

Get Traumatized… In The Best Possible Way

Wallflowers don’t stand a chance. If you’re the type who likes to hide in the crowd and hope the host doesn’t pick on you, let’s just say Miss Behave has a magical way of making you want to participate. This typically passive observer found herself singing and dancing and there wasn’t even any liquid courage involved. When participants say things like, “I feel traumatized in the best way possible,” you know it’s a wild time.

The Miss Behave Game Show is orchestrated anarchy at its finest. We’d say it’s the most fun you can have in Vegas with your clothes on, but one guy in the audience definitely took his shirt off, so literally anything goes.

This show is what Vegas is all about — unpredictable, irreverent and above all, irreplaceable. Miss Behave encourages guests to, “find the opportunity in life” and we’ll second this by saying you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see the most entertaining show in Las Vegas.

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