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Richard Marx: Right Here Waiting For You In Vegas

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Richard Marx is right here waiting for you in Las Vegas. The pop rock legend brings his “Satisfied: Only The Hits” from Aug. 15 through Sept. 2 to Flamingo Las Vegas.

The Chicago native has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide and scored several hits including “Right Here Waiting,” “Hold On To The Nights,” “Satisfied,” “Now And Forever” and more.

We can tell you why we love him. Whether it was his power ballads that got us in the feels or his signature lion mane mullet, what’s not to love about this ’80s heartthrob? And don’t lie — we know you waited by the radio to record his songs onto your blank cassette tapes!

You’ll get to see him up close versus listening to his tapes and sighing over his pictures in “Tiger Beat.” And hey, it sure beats having that “Tiger Beat” poster plastered in your locker, right? In the meantime, get to know the rock star on a whole new level.

We discussed everything from his upcoming Vegas show and beautiful wife / designer Daisy Fuentes to hilarious moments and even veganism. Honestly? We can chat with Marx now and forever.

Richard Marx Comes To Vegas

Richard Marx Comes to Vegas

First I want to start off – how do you keep your hair so nice? It looked great back then and it looks good now. What’s your secret?
It’s not a secret, and it’s really low maintenance. It was five, maybe 10, minutes back in the day. Now it’s five minutes. I’ve got it down. I’m just lucky to have it.

You are! That’s very good genes.
[Knocks on wood]  Hope I keep this hairline for as long as possible!

So this is your first Vegas residency. How did it all come about?
I tour all the time and do shows all around the world. And [my agent] said, what you think about doing three weeks at the Flamingo but with your stripped down, acoustic show? And that I thought was interesting. I knew there’s no show like that in town.

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Yeah, sounds very much like MTV’s Unplugged.
It’s almost like the anti-Vegas show. It’s not bells and whistles, glitz and glamour. It’s elegant. There’s gonna be beautiful lighting and some really cool video in the show.

There’s definitely beauty in simplicity in that — just hearing your talent.
I think with all the noise, people just want to sit and hear real music. It’s like you came over to my house and I’m just entertaining you. It’s fun, I have a lot of great stories, it’s very interactive. I love when people yell stuff out. So it should be a blast.

Richard Marx comes to the Flamingo Las Vegas

Have you ever attended a wedding and heard your song being played at the ceremony or reception?
I certainly have been asked to sing at a couple of friends’ weddings. In fact, one of my best friends, incredible musician Nathan East — bass player, used to play with Eric Clapton — asked me to sing my song, “Now and Forever.” It was a very intimate wedding. Lionel Richie was there. And so they said, now Richard’s going to sing for the bride and groom. And I sat down, looked up and started to sing [in a sing-song voice] “It’s the end of the world as you know it!” And then I did “Now and Forever.”

[Laughs] That’s a good way to break the ice. Since we’re on a jokey subject, have you ever heard of puns of your song titles throughout the years? Like, if you’re still right here waiting for me or how does one hold on to the memories?
[Laughs.] Yeah, how do you do that? Yeah, of course I’ve heard all of those. What’s funny is that now, especially in the last couple of years, [when] my wife Daisy needs to run into the pharmacy to grab something she’ll go, “Will you be right here waiting for me?”

Ha, love it! I’ve been doing those puns all week.

Richard Marx comes to the Vegas stage at the Flamingo Las Vegas

You’re in Vegas — what do you plan on doing for fun when you’re not doing your show?
We’re gonna hike. Daisy will be with me for most of the visit. So we’ve already mapped out some good hiking trails and places to go outside. We’ll probably make our way to some of the nicer restaurants after the show. Because my show is kind of early, we have the night to hang out. We love that. So a little bit of everything.

And I heard Daisy’s vegetarian? Vegan?
We’re both vegan, yeah!

I’m vegan too! High five to that!
[High fives] It’s tough, especially when you’re traveling.

I just wanted to commend you guys for that and people who are vegan. You just feel better!
Yeah for us, it’s not only a health thing. I try to explain to people I don’t judge anybody who doesn’t adhere to it. Just along the way, we saw things that we couldn’t un-see. We became aware of things. You see a documentary and you’re like, oh my God! I had no idea that chickens were treated that way, I never had any idea fish ate that. You never go back. Do you miss any of it?

Not at all. We’re on the same page and I’m so happy to hear that. You’ve written and produced so many songs for a lot of artists. Do you have a particular favorite collaboration or memory?
Not a favorite, almost every one of them have been a blast. I’ve worked with so many people. I’ve worked with Luther Vandross, I loved working with Barbra Streisand, I think I might be working with her again soon. We’re great friends. Working with her was such a thrill. I loved working with Keith Urban. I hope I do more with him. I loved working with N’Sync back in the day when they were huge.

You’re the sixth member right?
Yeah, pretty much! No, I was more like their dad.

I’ve been really lucky. I’ve gotten to work with my heroes. I’ve gotten to work with brand new young artists that taught me a thing or two as well.

Richard Marx takes the Las Vegas stage at the Flamingo

If you had to pick one song of yours that best relates to Vegas, what would that be?
To Vegas? “Should have known better!” [Laughs.]

How about endless summer nights?
Maaaybe. I would probably go more with “Hazard,” “Should Have Known Better” or “Don’t Mean Nothing.”

There’s a lot. Do you think you’ll do a Vegas residency again, something more long term?
I think it depends on this. We’ll see how it goes. I hope so. I’d love to know that I’d be here a couple times a year and build relationships and my Vegas life here. And that would be fun. And Daisy’s up for it too. And it’s really close to L.A., so it’s easy.

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Are there any artists or music that you like that nobody would expect?
The music that I listen to is all newer music. I love the artist Tove Lo. I love a lot of EDM. Since I met Daisy, and because of her musical tastes, I’ve been now exposed to a lot of Latin music and bossa nova. Music I didn’t really know before.

What do you like to do in your spare time besides hiking and spending time with your wife? What’s an unusual hobby?
I love quiet time with Daisy and our dogs. We rescued two pitbull mixes. I hang with my sons. They’re grown, so now it’s really fun to drink together and hang out.

It’s a party! And I imagine you’re more like the hip brother.
Yeah, exactly. Daisy and I traveled so much together in the few years we’ve been together. That was a big part of us realizing we were right for each other — you can travel with somebody for a long period of time and not get irritated. Loved every second. Travel is our ultimate luxury.

Wow, it just sounds like you’re living it up!
I am. Yeah, we’re really having fun.

Enjoy one of 15 performances of Richard Marx’s “Satisfied: Only The Hits” on the following dates:

  • Aug. 15-19; 22-26; 29-31
  • Sept. 1-2

What’s your favorite Richard Marx song? Leave it in the comments.

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