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The True Criss Angel Shines in the Reborn Criss Angel MINDFREAK

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Las Vegas show - Criss Angel returns to Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Criss Angel is coming back to where it all started. Image courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Criss Angel MINDFREAK Las Vegas Show

You may think that Criss Angel’s return to Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is merely a change of venue, but Criss Angel MINDFREAK is really the evolution of a story he’s been telling since the early 1980s.

As you walk into the showroom, re-Criss-ened (sorry) Criss Angel Theater, Angel cements his decades-spanning legacy with photos, videos and memorabilia.  In the theater, a pre-show highlight reel of illusions, escapes and guest star appearances continues the tale.

And then, as if to punctuate all this history, comes the barrage of illusions.

 Criss Angel performs the ultimate versions of his fan-favorite illusions at Planet Hollywood

Welcome to Criss Angel’s world. Photo courtesy of Criss Angel.

Using the best high-tech set pieces of his career, Criss Angel performs the ultimate versions of his fan-favorite illusions – the lady in half, the summoned motorcycle, the levitation – mixed with a share of newly developed or completely redeveloped acts.

Criss Angel New Illusions Will Be The Audience’s Favorites 

His newer illusions are just as impressive as the audience favorites and backed with some pretty high-end technology and visual storytelling.

In one stand-out segment, backed with scene-projection equipment, Angel fends off a squad of sword-wielding assassins. There’s a moment that could’ve been an alternate take from The Matrix trilogy – but it’s not computer graphics, it’s real life.

Throughout these big set pieces, Angel displays his goth rock persona. The performance takes on a darker, villainous edge in a particularly ferocious set of acts themed around sharp implements, introduced by a music video featuring Korn frontman Jonathan Davis and Angel’s ghoulishly face-painted alter-ego.

With enough of a budget for lighting, props and effects, it’s possible to make anything seem magical; but Angel’s fans can attest that underneath the showbiz razzle-dazzle, he just loves magic – big and small.

Select illusions scale things down from the massive set pieces Angel’s come to be known for in Vegas, breaking up the barrage of spectacles, with smaller-scale (but still, er, mind-freaking) illusions.

Criss Angel’s Magic & Intimate Moments

There’s a fun “nightclub booth” vignette with four invited audience members, focused on things you’d find at the club, namely a bottle of booze and a cell phone. The second part of this act moves on to the contents of guests’ purses and their phobias (Trust us. It’s a doozy).

Another scaled-down act involves a humble table, some coins, and a few audience members – something that a street magician might pull off, but not with the personality of Criss Angel.

It’s in these more intimate moments where Angel reminds you of magic’s core appeal – that a charismatic illusionist can fool your eye without any pricey props or high-tech special effects and leave you hanging on every word he says.

That’s what gives Criss Angel his enduring appeal. For all the edge and technological modernity he’s known for, he’s still old-school in the best ways.

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