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Tyson Beckford Makes His Steamy Chippendales Return To Vegas

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Beckford’s back, al-right!

Supermodel Tyson Beckford is BACK at Chippendales at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. Ladies — we can hear you screaming from here. It’s all good. We don’t blame you one bit.

Tyson Beckford is back at Chippendales at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

Our earliest memory of Beckford is his stunning Ralph Lauren print ads seen in numerous fashion and teen magazines. Mmm, mmm. With his handsome, unique looks, it’s no wonder why we ripped out those pages and plastered them on our walls or notebooks. (This blogger still has the notebook to prove it!) Whether we’ve seen him in magazines, on the fashion runway or in music videos, Tyson had us all saying, dang he’s fine!

And while he’s been in several hip-hop and R&B music videos, the most memorable one was Toni Braxton’s 1996 video, “Un-Break My Heart.” And boy, let us tell you — it was HOT. We also got a treat when we saw him as a judge on Bravo’s “Make Me A Supermodel.” (Fun fact: His mom was also a model. Talk about gorgeous genes.)

He graced the Chippendales stage in 2015, and we’ve been waiting for him to come back to Sin City ever since. Well, gals you are in for a treat: He’s back for another run from Thursday, Sept. 27 through Friday, Nov. 2. Holla!

During his last run, we were able to squeeze in a chat into his jam-packed schedule. We covered everything from Chippendales and what he loves most about Vegas to the age-old question: Tupac or Biggie.

I definitely remember Toni Braxton’s “Un-break My Heart” video. Very steamy. You’ve appeared in so many videos of artists I like, from SWV to Raekwon. Do you have a particular favorite?
They were all people I knew, so it was like, you know, helping friends out.

I’m such a ’90s girl, all about that R&B and hip-hop. So what do you miss the most about the ‘90s?

It pays better. (Laughs.)

(Laughs.) Oh, really?

Speaking of the ’90s… Tupac or Biggie?
I was friends with both, so it’s kind of tough when that question comes up. I was in a Biggie video…

Yeah, “One More Chance.”
And I was hanging out with Pac before he moved to LA.

Oh, wow! Just from watching them in interviews, they both seemed down to earth.
Yeah, definitely, they were very nice.

Speaking of music, do you have a workout playlist? What do you listen to when you’re trying to get hyped up?
My playlist can vary. Sometimes it’ll go from The Weeknd to some ’80s. I don’t really have a set playlist. Whatever I’m in the mood for that day, I just go with.

Yeah, my go-tos are West Coast rap, or A Tribe Called Quest. It’s really all about what gets you hyped up. 
Yeah, for sure.

Tyson Beckford is back at the Chippendales in Las Vegas

I’ve read that you do like, 1,000 push ups and 600 sit ups a day. That’s a whole lot.
I don’t do it when I’m not getting ready for work.

Gotcha. So it’s not every single day.
Right, exactly. But I’m getting ready for Chippendales so I’m doing that kind of workout now.

Do you have any cheat day foods, or you’re pretty strict when it comes to working out for a show?
Well, cheat day will probably be chocolate.

I can relate. Back to Chippendales — do you have a favorite routine from the show?
Well, they just sent me the new stuff, and there’s a lot of changes. The show’s really fun. They’re giving me more work this time so you know…  I’m hoping I can hold out!

I’m sure you can.
Oh yeah, you know, I played football when I was younger. It definitely took a toll on the knees. It’s a rough sport. So it’s like, constantly getting out there and playing football every night. So I gotta go in there, figure out what works for me.

Have you ever had any funny incidents with people in the crowd when you did Chippendales?
We’ve had a ton of funny incidents. Every night is something, you know? You never know what to expect on any given night. Remember, it’s a different crowd. Thursday through Sunday, anything can happen.

It can be any kind of party. Bachelorette party, birthday party… women who are just like, Woo! Let’s go see some men.
Yeah, we love that.

Tyson Beckford returns to the Chippendales in Las Vegas

What’s something that happened in Vegas (that won’t stay in Vegas)? Have you experienced anything out of the ordinary?
I’ve been going there for years. I’ve pretty much seen everything, you know? It’s so great, the love that you get. It’s really a nice city. You have so many people from all over. What I find great is to meet the people who are from Vegas, born and raised, who have watched the town evolve. The majority of the people who work in casinos — most of them are from another state, another place.

Yeah, it’s really cool to meet people who are native. I lived here since the late ’90s and it trips me out to see how much has changed in 20 years.
Yeah, [Vegas] is constantly evolving. I mean, it’s gotta keep bringing the people in.

So since you’ve been working, have you had any embarrassing assignments that you’re willing to talk about now?
Naw, never had any.

So you’ve always been comfortable with anything you’ve been thrown into?
Yeah, pretty much. We always review the job before we get it. So you can always say no. I always get, Oh, can you do a model segment? [or] Can you teach us how to model? I always say no. It looks corny, so I don’t ever do it.

Chippendales Las Vegas featuring Supermodel Tyson Beckford

Ladies love you here. It’s really good you’re coming back. What made you want to come back to Vegas again?
They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. And it’s a longer date this time. It’s good money and it’s fun to do. And I always, whenever I do it, I get in such good shape. It’s unbelievable.

It’s a motivator.
Yeah, we’re working out three times a day. It definitely is a good thing.

So with all the working out, do you ever unwind and go to the spa?
I probably need to this trip. I’m going to do a lot less partying this trip. Last two times, I really went all out and partied. I had a good time, I enjoyed Vegas. So this time, it’s gonna be a little less of that and more relaxing, seeing how they have me doing so much more. So you know, I’ll definitely pace myself this trip.

Don’t miss out on Tyson Beckford, guest hosting Chippendales Sept. 27 – Nov. 2. Oww!

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4 Responses

  1. Shawna

    Need to know exact dates the show runs through. I will be there in a few weeks for my birthday.

  2. Jeannie Garcia

    Hi, Shawna! We just got word today that as of now, tickets are on sale through June 2nd. That sounds like you have plenty of time to catch him! Thank you for writing us and let us know if you need anything else.

  3. Jeanie

    Will Tyson be at every show through June 2nd?

  4. Jeannie Garcia

    Hi, Jeanie! Nice name. 🙂 Yes, he’s planning to be there every Thursday – Sunday through June 2nd. To make sure, I would definitely call the box office to confirm when you’re buying your tickets. Thank you for your patience!