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10 Secrets of Staying at Flamingo Las Vegas: Rooms, Drinks & More

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Psst: Did you know the Flamingo Las Vegas is the oldest operating hotel-casino on the Strip? Neither did a lot of us!

Since its opening in 1946, Flamingo forever changed the way of the Strip. It was the first resort and casino to offer a full vacation experience. You weren’t here to just gamble – you came to play, party, eat and repeat. The classic hotel has 70-plus years of history, so you already know it has a few fun secrets up its sleeve.

Here are 10 reasons why the Flamingo stands out from the rest. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Secrets of the Flamingo Las Vegas

1. the New rooms are on point 

These new Flamingo Las Vegas rooms pair modern touches with vintage flair. The renovation project cost $90 million to revamp 1,280 of its rooms. In addition to sleek, minimalist-style furnishings with pops of the hotel’s signature pink, all the new rooms have HDTVs and sweet views of the city. The last phase is slated for completion next month. However, you can already book your spiffy new room now. Read more about why we love the fab new Flamingo rooms here.

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Flamingo Habitat at The Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas - Caesars Blog

We spy with our little eyes something… pink! Photo courtesy of the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat.

2. These Are the Days Of Our… Wildlife 

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our wildlife. (Is the “Days Of Our Lives” opening theme song playing in your head? You’re welcome!) If you’re into soap operas (or just really love animals and nature), then the hotel’s Wildlife Habitat is right up your alley. Here’s the scoop, according to Wildlife curator Robin Matos:

  • There’s a male Northern Shoveler bird who is enamored with a female Cinnamon Teal bird, even though she won’t give him the time of day.
  • There’s a Red Crested Pochard drake and a Cinnamon Teal drake that were raised together and are now a couple (oww!).
  • There’s a female Radjah Shelduck who has chosen a female Black Swan as her companion.
  • The male Sacred Ibis bird during the breeding season claims he’s the big man on the island and tries to order the flamingos around, even though he’s half their size.

The habitat has 10 species of exotic ducks (70-plus total) and three species of water turtles (22 total). Another fun Flamingo Wildlife Habitat fact: Everyone stays out all night year-round. Security keeps an eye on them to make sure all the animals are safe. Come check out these friends for yourself at this free and fun attraction.

Waterslide at Flamingo Las Vegas - 10 secrets - Caesars Blog

Slidin’ through Las Vegas. Check out the waterslide at the Flamingo Las Vegas. Photo courtesy of Flamingo Las Vegas.

3. Water slides at A Beach Club pool  


That’s what you’ll be saying when you zoom down Beach Club Pool’s water slides. Not a lot of people know that you can even access a water slide on the Strip. You can sure do that here. The family-friendly pool is fun for kids as well as the kids-at-heart. Plus, the pool’s lush greenery also gives it a nice touch.

Go Pool Dayclub at Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas - 10 secrets - Caesars Blog

Squad goals FTW! Party with your crew and listen to live music at GO Pool. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

4. Go Pool DAYCLUB Is Your music destination 

You can zoom down a water slide at Beach Club, but also watch a concert right next door. GO Pool Dayclub is throwback central – the kind you of throwbacks you love. Past guests include Mya, Montell Jordan, Mark McGrath, Lit, Alien Ant Farm, Ja Rule and much more. And there’s not a bad seat in the house – you’re close to the stage no matter where you are. Plus, swaying to your favorite songs while splashing in the pool is a glorious combination in our book.

Waterfalls in the pool at Flamingo Las Vegas - Las Vegas Weddings - Caesars Blog

Because three waterfalls for your wedding makes it three times better. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

5. Waterfall Wedding dreams

A waterfall ceremony is ultimate #WeddingGoals, right?! And with Flamingo’s center-Strip location, that makes it even better. Book the outdoor wedding of your dreams at the hotel’s Crescendo Pool. You’ll wow your guests as you enter the ceremony through a cascading waterfall, all without getting a single drop of water on your attire. The outdoor venue holds up to 80 guests, so start planning your VIP wedding list now. If you really want to make a statement on your big day, you also have the option to add a bubble machine ($85) or a dove or butterfly release (both starting at $200).

Commemorative bricks at the Flamingo Las Vegas - 10 secrets - Caesars Blog

Your name here. Photo courtesy of Flamingo Las Vegas.

6. byob: Buy Your Own Brick 

What better way to memorialize your epic waterfall wedding than with a commemorative brick just steps away? The commemorative bricks are here for you to see whenever you visit the Flamingo. You don’t have to commemorate a wedding or anniversary either – you can also honor your birthday, a loved one or any other special occasion. Your brick can have up to three lines of copy and is located at the Wildlife Habitat. Each engraved brick costs $200.

Nickel Beer Night at Its 5 O'clock Somewhere Bar at the Flamingo Las Vegas - 10 secrets - Caesars Blog

You mean this is only 10 cents worth of beer in this picture? Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

7. Nickel Beer Night 

Who said you had to blow your year’s worth of savings for a weekend of booze? (Actually, if you could maaaaybe there’s a problem there, buddy!) At Flamingo’s It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar, you can get beer for a nickel. That’s right. One single nickel. Nickel beer night is offered daily from 5 to 6 p.m. And since we’re so confident that you’ll enjoy nickel beers, we believe you’ll be up for a game of beer pong here too. Now whether you play better or a lot worse is really up in the air. Have fun!

Patio at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville at Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas - 10 secrets - Caesars Blog

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

8. Margaritaville Knows How To Party 

Sometimes, you just need to let your hair down. Well in Vegas, that is encouraged all day, every day. If you want the taste of the islands (because GO Pool and Beach Club pools already got you in the island mood), look no further than Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. The Caribbean-themed restaurant has multiple levels, including two outdoor patios. Not only can you enjoy tropical-inspired drinks or the restaurant’s signature Volcano Nachos, Margaritaville also has live entertainment. It’s no wonder why “parrotheads” flock here time and time again. Before you leave, make sure to get a novelty souvenir blender cup filled with a frozen margarita.

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9. In Memory Of Bugsy

Lastly, we leave you with the man most associated with Flamingo – Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel. The Flamingo was the brainchild of Billy Wilkerson but would open under the management of Bugsy Siegel after he and his partners provided the money to complete the hotel. Bugsy’s contribution is memorialized right here at the Flamingo. You can find the memorial plaque between the pools and wedding chapel. On it you can read more about the famed mobster (including his secret escape routes from his Flamingo hotel suite) and his involvement with the hotel.

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3 Responses

  1. James Anderson

    Is the upstairs area of Margaritaville open now…seems like every time we’re down there it’s been closed off and told it’s not used anymore…

  2. Kristine McKenzie

    Hi James – The patio upstairs is still open – weather permitting – and at the discretion of the manager.

  3. Steven Navarro

    Been staying a the Flamingo for about 4 years I visit Las Vegas every year for the past 25 years
    Love spending evening at the fire pit ! In the rear of hotel ! Last year it was disgusting and looked like a huge ashtray ! I made numerous requests to have it cleaned ! All of which went unanswered
    I have booked my stay for September again at the Flamingo ! Hope this is addressed love spending time there in the evenings
    Love the Flamingo hotel !