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10 Secrets of Planet Hollywood

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Psst: Think you know everything about the star-studded, glitzy Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino? We’re about to wow you with some of these fun facts and tips about the center-Strip hotel.

Bottle service at Planet Hollywood bars

Grey Goose is calling. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

You’ll find crazy good rates for bottle service

Planet Hollywood’s Heart Bar has a fun, energetic vibe (complete with a color-changing giant ball), but that’s not why we love it. You could spend hundreds – even thousands – for a bottle at a nightclub. But here, bottle service starts as low as… wait for it… $39. That price alone doesn’t even cover your tip at a nightclub VIP table. That’s what it would cost you for two drinks. Hmm… two drinks or one whole bottle? That’s a no-brainer.

Our advice? If you’re going on the cheap but still want that nightclub experience, hang out here first. That way, you get your VIP table experience and when you’re done, you’ll be ready to dance the night away. (Just be safe and make sure you get a cab or a ride share!)

Supernova Milkshakes come with candy extras at Café Hollywood at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Milkshake goals to the fullest. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

At Planet Hollywood, milkshakes are the stars

If milkshakes were celebrity status, then these Supernova shakes at Café Hollywood are the Kardashians of milkshakes. (And yes, we went there.) Just look at them. This is one milkshake you’ll want to serenade to before diving into its sweet tasty goodness. If Kelis’ milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, this one at Planet Hollywood is ready for a whole damn army. Plus, posting this on all your social feeds will give your friends back home serious FOMO. If you’re coming with a group, Café Hollywood has private dining rooms available. Then you can have one huge milkshake party. (What time shall we meet you there?)

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Get hitched at the same hotel as Elvis and Priscilla Presley

Yes, you read that right. Back when Planet Hollywood used to be the Aladdin Hotel, Elvis and Priscilla Presley got married here 50-plus years ago on May 1, 1967. Plus, how cool is it to say you tied the knot at the same location as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll? After their intimate wedding ceremony, the couple celebrated by having breakfast and champagne with their guests. This proves there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a low-key wedding, and the Chapel at Planet Hollywood would be the perfect venue for you and up to 65 of your closest family members and friends.

Wedding party poses on the red carpet at Planet Hollywood.

Smile! You’re on camera! Oh wait, you love that. Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

have a glitzy celebrity-style wedding

Maybe you don’t want a low-key wedding. Maybe you want the exact opposite. And we’re not even mad at that. (Are we invited though?) With Planet Hollywood’s Red Carpet Experience, you can have a true Hollywood-style wedding. We’re talking step-and-repeat boards, paparazzi with flashing cameras, a host interviewing you and your boo, the whole nine yards. You can get all the attention in the world with this fun wedding addition.

Surf or boogie board on the FlowRider on the rooftop of Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

FlowRider, not to be mistaken with Flo Rida. Photo by Erik Kabik.

Surf on the roof

We’re not joking. Not everyone knows you can practice your Hang 10 or boogie board at the hotel’s rooftop Pleasure Pools. Here you’ll find FlowRider, a wave machine that simulates the real deal. Plus, it’s the only freestanding wave machine on the entire Strip. In the summertime, Planet Hollywood even hosts surfing competitions. We may not be that exact level (yet), but it’s still fun to know you can ride the waves right in the heart of the Strip. After your run, cool off at the 21-and-older pool, where you’ll catch a sweet view of the Eiffel Tower. Ooh, la la!

Bonus: Summer is also time for the pool’s corn hole tournaments and bikini contests.

Stay in the sweetest of suites 

Every single room in Planet Hollywood just went through a major makeover — $120 million in renovations, to be exact. We love the one with the suspended sofa inside the Ultra Boulevard Suite (pictured above), and many of these new rooms also have gorgeous, sweeping views of the Strip. Plus, each room has its own refrigerator and a safe, which isn’t found in all rooms. Book a fountain view room to maximize your viewing pleasure.

The Backstreet Boys sing live at Planet Hollywood during their residency and make time for a meet & greet

Backstreet Boys: Kevin Richardson; Nick Carter; AJ McLean; Brian Littrell; and Howie Dorough. Photo by Denise Truscello.

Meet and greet with the backstreet boys


Friend: WYD in Vegas tonite?

You: Oh you know, just chillin’ backstage with my Backstreet Boys. No biggie.

Friend: Whaaat?!?!

Yes, this could be you. Not a lot of venues on the Strip offer meet-and-greet sessions, but at the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood, you can meet the best-selling boy band of all time, the Backstreet Boys. For a fee, you can go backstage and hang out with Nick, Howie D, Brian, Kevin and A.J. This is a major upgrade from the “Teen Beat” poster in your high school locker, right?

As an FYI: Many headlining acts at the Zappos Theater do a meet-and-greet — just something to look into before heading to your concert.

Get your #Vegas bling on. #PHShiver

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Wear your Vegas souvenir 

Talk about bling-blinging! You can wear your jewelry – and drink out of it too. Star in your own rap video (or just look like a rapper) with these 46-ounce souvenir Bling Bottles at PH Shiver. Located outside the hotel along the Strip, this drink will keep you cool while you look even cooler.

Shopping at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Shop ‘til you drop (and then some) with easy parking 

With most Las Vegas Strip malls, you have to walk through a big casino to finally get there. By then, you’re either tired already or this close to borrowing grandma’s motor scooter. At Planet Hollywood, the self-parking garage leads right into Miracle Mile Shops. Anything that makes shopping more convenient is a plus in our book.

Besides having popular shops like H&M and Sephora, you can catch a show at this mile-long shopping space. See the family-friendly Popovich Comedy Pet Theater, or bring the gal pals to Aussie Heat. You can also score good eats at Nacho Daddy or Blondie’s. Whatever you decide, your car’s not too far away, especially for all you can do here.

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And lastly, take a picture with a giant Stripper / sHOWGIRL

It’s not really a secret when she’s this tall and stands out when you’re walking through the Miracle Mile Shops, but we bet you can stump most of your friends on her exact whereabouts. Showgirl Bar is located right next to Stripper 101, a fun class where you and the gals can learn some seriously sexy moves. Have a drink at Showgirl Bar after your class, or maybe beforehand to give you some liquid courage. In any case, posting a pic of this gorgeous giant always strikes an interesting convo.

Now that you’re in on Planet Hollywood’s secrets, it’s time to book your stay.

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