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10 Things We’ll Miss When O’Sheas Casino Closes

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All good things must come to an end, and this time, that good thing is O’Sheas casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

The beloved casino will officially close its doors on April 30, 2012, to make way for The Linq, a development project that will change the face, and cleavage, of the Las Vegas Strip in a big way. (Yes, cleavage. It’s Las Vegas, after all.)


We heart you O’Sheas. In a fairly inappropriate way, if we’re being completely honest.

Now, you’re allowed to have a sad face about O’Sheas closing. This blog certainly does. We spent many days and nights having a blast at O’Sheas, many of which we actually remember. Change can be rough. We got a little misty-eyed when the Stardust and Sahara closed their doors, too. Visiting the O’Sheas Facebook page, it’s clear a lot of people feel the way this blog does. We’re going to miss O’Sheas a lot.

Here, then, are our hastily-slapped-together “10 Things We’ll Miss About O’Sheas.”

1. Strip Poker

Where else can you play poker 12 feet from the Las Vegas Strip?

O'Sheas Strip poker

Poker while you people watch? Vegas heaven.

2. New Games

We love the way new casino games, like the craps hybrid Three Dice Football (below), have often been given their debut and trial run at O’Sheas. Soon, they’ll have to find a new testing ground.

O'Sheas games

We love dice newness.

3. Free Shows

The free entertainment on the stage near the Dublin Up bar has always been a big draw at O’Sheas. Whether it was the band Acoustic Soul, or the wacky “Rock and Roll Game Show,” free is always good, and good-free is even better.

Steve Brooks and Matt Phillips of the “Rock and Roll Game Show” will have to find a new place to make us do embarrassing things in public.

4. The Hooch

You hear the word “epic” used a lot these days. Sometimes, it fits. O’Sheas has always been known as a great place to get a cheap drink, including atmosphere galore. Show ’em how to throw a party, Lucky!


Granted, the whistle we won’t miss. Moving on.

5. The Tats

One of the most popular tattoo shops in Vegas is Vince Neil Ink at O’Sheas. The shop will be closing along with the rest of O’Sheas, and folks at the shop haven’t heard anything about re-opening somewhere else any time soon. Ah, the slings and arrows and needles of outrageous fortune. Check out the tat our friend Max got at O’Sheas, and keep track of the Vince Neil Ink gang on Facebook.

O'Sheas tattoo

Ow. But we’re still sorry to see you go.

6. Soft Serve

Seriously, that soft serve at the Burger King inside O’Sheas was surprisingly awesome.

O'Sheas soft serve

You miss what you want to miss, we’ll miss what we want to miss.

7. Beer Pong

The suds. The competition. The trash talk. O’Sheas has always been the center of the beer pong universe. We’ll have to see where beer pong turns up next. Sin City is full of surprises.

O'Sheas beer pong

Look at all the ball-handling jokes we’re not making.

8. Dirk Arthur’s Cats

We’ve known some of magician Dirk Arthur’s cats since they were tykes. We trust they’ll find a new home soon.

Dirk Arthur cats

Get a new gig soon, guys! All the raw meat isn’t going to pay for itself.

9. Block Parties

Did we already use the word epic? The good news is The Linq is going to be a promenade likely to feel like a block party all day and night, every day and night. With a huge observation wheel in the mix, too.

O'Sheas block party

The Linq probably won’t have as much green.

10. Holly Madison Playing Beer Pong

Yeah, that was kind of a one-time thing, but like we said, you miss what you want to miss, and we’ll miss what we want to miss.


There are just so many things to love about O’Sheas, but there are great things on the horizon with The Linq, too. Read more about The Linq, a retail and entertainment complex set to open in 2013. See all our O’Sheas posts here.

Oh, and not to be a buzzkill, but there are 285 folks who will be laid off when O’Sheas closes. They knew it was coming, but that doesn’t make it suck any less, we suspect. Caesars Entertainment, the company that owns O’Sheas and a slew of other Las Vegas hotels, is working with the affected employees to hopefully find positions at other casinos in town. Ultimately, The Linq project will create 3,000 construction jobs and add 1,500 permanent, full-time jobs when it opens in 2013.

Further consolation: Brian Thomas, the aforementioned Lucky the Leprechaun, isn’t going anywhere from what we hear. He’ll be staying with Caesars Entertainment in some capacity, and we’ll bring you an update when we know what’s up.


Can we keep a brick or something?

Happier news? O’Sheas will host its last hurrah in the form of a St. Patrick’s Day block party on March 17, starting at noon and going until everyone’s livers are sufficiently tested. You haven’t partied in Vegas until you’ve done St. Patrick’s Day at O’Sheas.

So, let’s have one last blow-out, and see what’s next for the Las Vegas Strip. We’ll miss you, O’Sheas, but there are more great times ahead in Sin City. Share your favorite O’Sheas memories in the Comments section.

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