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A Beer Pong Era Ends, Another (Lesser One) Begins

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Beer pong fans are about to hear some staggering news. See what we did there?

The era of beer pong at O’Sheas casino on the Las Vegas Strip (at least in its current form) has come to an end. In anticipation of the casino’s closing on April 30, as part of the massive Linq development project, beer pong has been discontinued inside the much-beloved watering hole.

O'Sheas beer pong closes

The day the beer pong died: April 11, 2012.

The good news is that in Las Vegas, when one door closes, another opens. And in Sin City, that new door often has a ridiculous supply of frosty beverages and gambling nearby.

It appears another much-beloved casino, nearby Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon, will open a new beer pong area on April 13, 2012. Let the mostly-incoherent trash talk begin!

Bill's Gamblin Hall beer pong

The next chapter in the Las Vegas beer pong saga may happen here. Or something.

The new beer pong area at Bill’s is adjacent to the also-new Slush Bar, so close, in fact, the beer pong tables will even be branded with “Slush Beer Pong” (see our exclusive, spectacularly clumsy tabletop rendering below).

Slush Beer Pong

The fact “Slush” contains the word “lush” is purely coincidental.

The Slush Beer Pong area is mere feet from the currently-being-revamped Bill’s Lounge, home of Big Elvis and other live entertainment.

Yes, we have a photo. A little demanding, aren’t you?

Bill's Gamblin Hall lounge

The reconfigured lounge at Bill’s. There’s even a kiosk for a 12-step program.

So, while we may have gotten a little weepy about the end of beer pong at O’Sheas, we’ll survive. We can take solace in the fact the new Linq will be entirely awesome, right? No pressure, The Linq.

Some good news: O’Sheas is offering $1 Miller Lite and Coors Lite drafts until the joint closes down. That should help soften the pain a little.

We breached security to capture the scene behind O’Sheas. This parking structure is coming down shortly following the closing of O’Sheas.

O'Sheas parking structure construction

Progress never sleeps in Las Vegas.

Before the self-park garage closed, we took note of the demolition preparations, camerawise.

O'Sheas implosion

If this blog were going to demolish a parking structure, these are the markings we would make.

Yep, it’s getting all kinds of real up in here, as the kids say.

More news to come! There’s still time to knock one back at O’Sheas. Yeah, like anyone ever knocked just one back at O’Sheas.

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