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A Look Inside the Suites at Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall

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Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon is full of surprises. In addition to its ideal, Center-Strip location (on the corner of Flamingo and Las Vegas Boulevard), it’s also home to some of this blog’s favorite hotel suites, much larger, better appointed and much more affordable than you might suspect.

Bill's suite tub

This baby's in the "Z4" suite. You'll need to know that later.

These large, comfy suites get great word-of-mouth, but unlike most rooms in Vegas, you can’t find them on the hotel’s Web site, and you can’t reserve them online. You have to go old-school, call and ask for them.

The trick is knowing how. They don’t really have formal names, per se. They have codes that aren’t really publicized. The room referred to by hotel staff as the “Contemporary” room, for example, is a Z1 (see below).

Bill's suite

Even your freeloading friends have a place to crash at Bill's.

The standard rooms at Bill’s (Classic, Deluxe, Luxury) are solid bets, but the suites at Bill’s kind of elevate your Vegas experience and are as luxurious as any on the Strip for a great value.

See virtual tours of the standard rooms on the official Bill’s site.

Bill's Gamblin' Hall Las Vegas suite

This blog loves it some Z4.

Rates for the suites fluctuate based upon demand, but overall, you can get a sweet deal for a ton of square footage, not to mention tubs the size of municipal swimming pools, especially during the week. For the dates we checked, these suites ranged from $190 per night midweek to $285 on a busy weekend.

What you’re likely to find is that the price bump between a standard room and a suite isn’t all that much, so why not go for it? In Vegas, it’s go big or go home.

Bill's suite

The Z4 has a bar and dining area. This suite's so big, you never have to see your spouse if you don't want to. Which Bill's should totally use in its advertising, if you ask us.

Like most things in Vegas, it’s best to plan ahead if you’re thinking about snagging one of these suites. Because this is a “boutique” hotel, the inventory of suites isn’t vast. For example, there are only three of each of the suite models shown here.

Bill's suites

The Z3 is so huge, you'll have to hire Search and Rescue to find your bed. Or something.

You can find out all the suite details by calling Bill’s at 866-245-5745.

The helpful staff will tell you about all the amenities and things like square footage, you know, all the stuff we’d have written down if  we were into “exerting effort” or “being thorough” or “not enjoying a cocktail while we’re taking photos of Las Vegas suites.”

Bill's Z1 suite

Bubbles and a Strip view? Yes, please. (Code name: Z1.)

Enjoy more photos of the suites at Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon. And tell Big Elvis we said “hello.”

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