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“Bags to Go” Lightens Your Load at Harrah’s

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This blog is not known for its fondness for lifting things. Enter “Bags to Go,” a handy new service at Harrah’s Las Vegas.

Bags to Go offers guests the convenience of “off-airport check-in,” a fancy way of saying, “Sorry, the rest of you have to carry your own luggage and stand in line to check-in for your flight, suckas!” Or something along those lines.

Here’s how Bags to Go works. It’s the end of your Vegas visit and time to hit the airport. Despite your uncontrollable sobbing, you find the Bags to Go desk near the regular bell desk at Harrah’s Las Vegas. You check your bags and get your boarding pass, and Bags to Go handles the rest. All this for a mere $10.

We’re loving this idea! So long, ticket counter (suckas!).

A Bags To Go rep securely transports every bag using strict Transportation Security Administration-approved guidelines.


Thanks, stock photo agency, for this photo that makes it glaringly apparent we got this from a stock photo agency.

You can check your luggage and get your boarding pass up to 24 hours before your flight, and you won’t have to mess with your bags again until you reach your destination (the real world, deep sigh).

One small caveat: Bags must be checked no later than three hours before your flight departure time. There’s probably other small print, but we are a Las Vegas blog, not a small print scrutinizer.

Harrah’s Vegas is currently the only hotel in the Caesars Entertainment family that offers the off-airport check-in service, though it’s available at other hotels on the Strip (Luxor, MGM, Venetian and others). We expect this service will be cropping up at other Caesars Entertainment hotels in Las Vegas soon.

Find out more about this wildly appealing service at the official Bags to Go site.

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