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A Sushi Master at Work

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The other day, we popped in at Ichiban Restaurant, on the mall level of Bally’s Las Vegas. We felt immediately welcome at this humble, intimate dining spot featuring authentic Japanese delicacies, many of which we are unable to actually pronounce.

It’s a bit tough to locate, but well worth the search. You’ll find it across from the sports book at Bally’s. There’s easy access from street-level parking just off of Flamingo, across from the empty lot that used to be the ever-sticky Bourbon Street hotel.

Ichiban means number one.

"Ichiban" means "number one."

The sign says it all. “Ichiban,” from what we hear, means “number one,” or “best,” which in no way deters us from our “humble” assessment.

Behind the sushi preparation counter was the affable Aki, master sushi maker sensei. Aki has this calm about him as he masterfully slices and arranges and sculpts.

Aki rhymes with saki. I bet he never hears that.

Aki rhymes with sake. I bet he never hears that.

Aki’s hard work pays off with beautiful displays of culinary artistry. And, no, we did not read that in a brochure. It’s actually true.

Should it be eaten or framed? You decide.

Should it be eaten or framed? You decide.

If you’re looking for amazing sushi in Las Vegas, try Ichiban. You’ll find smiling customers, Aki the sushi sensei and, naturally, sushi…just the way you like it.

And some green puddy that’ll make steam come out of your ears. Optional, of course.

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