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CeeLo Green Welcomed to Planet Hollywood in Dramatic Fashion

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How do you welcome a performer like CeeLo Green, someone with a larger-than-life persona, to his new home on The Strip? With an over-the-top Sin City spectacle, of course.

The multi-talented Green made a dramatic, flame-fueled entrance as he was officially welcomed to Planet Hollywood to celebrate the start of his new show, “CeeLo Green is Loberace,” which opens Feb. 27, 2013.


Mr. Green is not known for understatement. Sort of like Vegas, you might say.

The Strip was shut down for a short period as Green, and a bevy of showgirls (they tend to travel in bevies), cruised down the famed Las Vegas Strip from Caesars Palace to Planet Hollywood.


We're thinking there's a new single in this for CeeLo. Suggested title: "Truck You."

The moving platform featured a piano spouting five-foot-tall flames, and other pyrotechnics, just for some added flair.


Like New Year's Eve on The Strip. Just soberer.

And speaking of flair…


Now, that's a welcoming committee.

Fans lined the street outside Planet Hollywood to greet the performer known for his epic hit single, “Forget You” (you know the better version) and his role on the hit reality series, “The Voice.”

Check out these video highlights from the evening’s festivities.


After disembarking his flame-throwermobile, Green took part in a Planet Hollywood tradition, placing his hands in cement and signing his name (with a chopstick, which this blog now owns).

CeeLo arrival

It's a rough job, but somebody's got to do it.

CeeLo’s big arrival didn’t just magically happen, of course.

The crowd-pleasing stunt was months in the making, and we’ve got some exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos taken during the preparation process. Because that’s how this blog rolls.


CeeLo was hands-on during the planning of his hoopla.

The platform used for Green’s official welcome was built in a nearby warehouse, on a massive flatbed truck equipped with the flaming piano, LED light panels and hand-holds for the showgirls. The showgirls appear nightly in “Jubilee!” at Bally’s Las Vegas, just down the block from Planet Hollywood.

The planning of the event was meticulous because of the potentially-dangerous fire elements. We hear Green’s clothes were even treated with a flame-resistant chemical. Singed music superstars are not happy music superstars.


CeeLo reviews video of the flame effects with the production team.

The piano top was equipped with tubes which pumped flammable gas (see below), creating the leaping flames enjoyed by the crowds along Las Vegas Boulevard during Green’s arrival.

CeeLo piano

A little Las Vegas publicity stunt magic.

CeeLo Green’s new show is described as “part dance party, part live concert,” and will feature not only Green’s flamboyant sense of style, but also music that inspires him, from Rod Stewart to INXS to The Temptations.

The show will also have magic and showgirls, of course, because what Las Vegas show would be complete without them?


Did we really need to mention "Loberace" is a tip of the hat to the iconic Liberace? Please try and keep up.

Welcome to Vegas, CeeLo!

Find out more about this new entertainment offering, CeeLo Green is Loberace, at Planet Hollywood.

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