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Ethel M Chocolates Hosts Holiday Cactus Lighting

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So, how do you know when the holiday season officially begins in Las Vegas? You can’t use holiday decorations going up at shopping malls as a guide, because that seems to happen in August lately.

The answer: On Nov. 15, Vegas-based Ethel M Chocolates held its annual cactus garden lighting ceremony, and honestly, we’re thinking this should be the official start to the holiday season.

Ethel M Holiday Cactus Lighting

It's weird and beautiful, just like Las Vegas.

This blog has lived in Las Vegas quite a while, and we’ve never been to the cactus gardens at Ethel M Chocolates. Not sure why, other than to say the photos we’ve seen don’t really do the cactus plants strewn with festive lights justice. (Ours don’t either, but we are a blog, not an Ansel Adams.)

Here’s some video that also doesn’t do the must-see attraction at Ethel M justice.


Several Strip stars came out to the lighting ceremony, including the event’s host, comedian and Flamingo headliner George Wallace.

George Wallace

George Wallace gets the crowd into a non-religion-specific holiday mood.

Also on-hand were Human Nature (below), the Australian singers who perform at the Imperial Palace, as well as hosts of the Bally’s Las Vegas show, Name That Tune Live, Chris Phillips and Marley Taylor.

Human Nature

Some members of Human Nature made the cactus lighting event a family affair.

The three-acre Botanical Cactus Garden is truly something you have to see to believe. This blog is not known for its holiday spirit, but we are now ready to deck some halls and play some reindeer games.

Ethel M cactus holidays

North Pole, you just got schooled by Vegas.

It’s estimated more than half a million colorful lights are used in the Ethel M display. Yes, we counted them. We’re thorough like that.

The Ethel M Holiday Cactus Garden is free and open to the public. And did we mention how free it is? The gardens will be lit through Jan. 1. And, in addition, it’s free.

Cactus lighting

It ain't neon, but we love it, anyway.

Bonus: Guests can also take a peek at the floor of the candy-making factory, again, free of charge. There’s not a whole lot to it, but it’s an interesting peek into the inner workings of a candy factory, without all those creepy Oompa-Loompas.

Here’s more about the Ethel M Holiday Cactus Garden. It should be noted Ethel M has stores throughout the Strip, including at Flamingo Las Vegas. Fewer cactuses, but lots of tasty treats, nonetheless.

Enjoy our spectacularly inadequate photo gallery of the Ethel M Holiday Cactus Garden, if you would. At least it’s calorie-free.

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