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Inside the “Jubilee!” Feather Room at Bally’s

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Las Vegas entertainment doesn’t get any more iconic than “Jubilee!” at Bally’s Las Vegas.

For fans around the world, the long-running show (it opened in 1981) represents classic Vegas glamour at its most eye-popping.

Part of the show’s reputation comes from its lavish costumes, most designed by Bob Mackie and Pete Menefee, two acclaimed fashion designers whose imaginations know no bounds.

Two hallmarks of the costumes in “Jubilee!” are the rhinestones and the feathers, and we snuck into the show’s “Feather Room” for a peek at some of the over-the-top costumes worn by the production’s famed showgirls. (Yes, there are men in the show, but the women outnumber them 2-to-1, and the guys don’t tend to wear the feather-centric costumes.)

Jubilee Feather Room

This headdress has 14,000 feathers, or some other number we're probably just making up.

Yes, there’s a Feather Room. A room devoted entirely to costumes replete with feathers. Yes, “replete.” This blog has a thesaurus, you know.

Jubilee Feather Room

We have no idea what this is. We are a Las Vegas blog, not a costume part identifier.

The performers in “Jubilee!” have nine costume changes per show, and it takes the women just three minutes to put on their costumes. Amazing, especially when you consider the complexity of some of their outfits.

Jubilee Feather Room

Jim Henson moment. It'll pass.

Juicy tidbit: The only lipstick color the showgirls in “Jubilee!” can wear onstage is red. Tradition, baby.

Bonus juicy tidbit: The heaviest headdress in the show is a neck-strengthening 22 pounds.

Of course, the feathers look even better when they’re on an actual “Jubilee!” showgirl! What, you thought we’d forget a showgirl photo? Are you familiar with this blog at all?

Kelly O'Donnell showgirl

Thanks for volunteering, Kelly.

Catch the classic Jubilee! at Bally’s Las Vegas. Hint: It’s the giant hotel with the “Bally’s” sign out front. Las Vegas is helpful like that.

Here’s an exclusive, inside look at more costumes in the Feather Room of “Jubilee!”

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