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The Weird World Of Twilight Zone Mini Golf

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No matter what galaxy you are from you can enjoy Twilight Zone Mini Golf.

No matter what galaxy you are from you can enjoy Twilight Zone Mini Golf.

Narrator: “You are about to enter another dimension –”

Me: “A dimension of mini golf!”

Narrator: ” — a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind –”

Me: “All keys to being a great mini-golfer. Maybe not sound –”

Narrator: “A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!”

Me: “Mini golf edition!”

Get transported to another dimension - Monster mini golf Las Vegas

Get transported to another dimension. A dimension of mini golf.

the Twilight Zone by monster Mini Golf – Bally’s Las Vegas

At first, it seems an odd fit, the seminal mind-bender of television shows and one of America’s favorite family past times. But the juxtaposition of “The Twilight Zone” and miniature golf proves to be a delightful experience as you play 18 warped holes at Bally’s Las Vegas.

As with all mini golf courses, what you’re looking for is the combination of adhering to the promised theme, the level of intrigue / difficulty of the course and the overall fun factor.

The Twilight Zone by Monster Mini Golf goes big on trying to set the correct mood. This course is, after all, designed by the same company that lets players use their “Love Guns” aka putters to try and sink holes-in-one at KISS by Monster Mini Golf over at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

Here, they bring the theme of “The Twilight Zone” television show, which aired from 1959 – 1964, produced 156 episodes and is currently being rebooted for CBS All Access, to life. Awesome artwork, including almost life-like comic murals along the black walls, really completes the experience. There are also an impressive number of creatures from the series and a hole dedicated just to “Time Enough at Last” – one of the most famous episodes – featuring an entire landscape of a post-apocalyptic world after the detonation of a nuclear bomb, mimicking that classic episode.

Where the course strays greatly from the show is in the soundtrack. As opposed to the ominous, mood-inducing music the sci-fi series is known for, the mini-golf course is full of fun tracks from the 1950s and 60s. That’s not a bad thing as it lends itself to the overall vibe of the joint. While playing through, one of my course mates said to me, “We need to rent this place out and have a midnight party.” In a way, with the low lights, glowing creatures and shindig-style music, it feels like it could be some weird rave in a dimension we have yet to visit.

The vaunted loop-de-loop hole at Bally's Twilight Zone Monster Mini-Golf

The vaunted loop-de-loop hole

As for the level of difficulty, it’s got all the classic holes. The loop-de-loop, the hit-the-ball-at-the-exact-angle-or-get-a-five, the if-it-goes-in-the-middle-tube-you-are-good-but-if-not-you-are-screwed – they’re all there decked out “Twilight Zone”-style.

Overall, The Twilight Zone mini golf is a great family activity and a fun way to kill a few hours. The location, tucked away in the downstairs of Bally’s Las Vegas past the REAL BODIES exhibit, lends itself to the isolation of the show. Once you’re in it, there is no getting out – not before the 18th hole anyway.

Time Scene at Twilight Zone Mini Golf

Make the most of your time at Twilight Zone Mini Golf

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