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Flawless Facials, Specials and Promotions Highlight The Spa at Bally’s

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A soothing waterfall feature sets the tone at The Spa at Bally's.

A soothing waterfall feature sets the tone at The Spa at Bally’s.

I consider myself a spa connoisseur, and love visiting everything from massive, multi-room playgrounds to tiny, intimate Las Vegas spa havens that stick to the basics. After all, there is no wrong way to have a spa day.

The nearly 13,000-square-foot Spa at Bally’s is tucked away near the hotel’s always-lively sports book, but you’d never know it once stepping past the doors. With a warm, low-lit atmosphere, quiet spa music and 18 treatment rooms, it has everything needed for a few hours of real peace and quiet, including an extensive menu of massages, facials, scrubs, packages and even beauty services at The Salon at Bally’s next door.

Even better? Its spa deals. Paris and Bally’s convention guests receive 15 percent off spa and salon services at both hotels, while Total Rewards Diamond members and a guest of their choice may use the spa facilities free of charge and Platinum members and a guest of their choice receive 50 percent off a spa and fitness day pass. The Spa even features Daily Early Bird Special: If booking the 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. time slot, a 50-minute classic massage and/or 50-minute classic facial are only $99 each.

An array of amenities
But back to the spa-wesomeness. On my initial tour of the spa, I admit I geeked out at its “warming room”—a dry sauna for linens that ensures your robe is always toasty like fresh, warm sheets from the dryer. In all my spa-ing these are ironically hard to come by, but (I think) very necessary. After snuggling in, I hit the wet sauna and let my stress melt away. I find that although some steam rooms in town aren’t up to snuff, this one was plenty steamy with a nice ongoing current of hot, hot heat that instantly began drawing out last night’s libations toxins.

After maxing out in that room, I mixed it up with a dip in one of the two bubbling Jacuzzis in a soothing room decorated with calming shades of blue. A fitness center, wood dry sauna room and showers stocked with all the necessary accouterments are also available, or you can lounge on one of the couches and read. When it was just about time for my service, I hit the waiting area and curled up with a hot cup of tea and magazine until Shirley greeted me, ready to make me pretty.

Make it a spa day for two inside the spaciously serene couple's treatment room at The Spa at Bally's.

Make it a spa day for two inside the spaciously serene couple’s treatment room.

Under my skin
Needless to say, my 80-minute Timeless Facial was pure bliss, and I loved how it incorporated a few other aspects such as paraffin and a light massage rather than straight face time. Using the Dermalogica line, the Timeless Facial specializes in revitalizing the skin and targets spots, wrinkles and fine lines with the brand’s Age Smart products. Shirley first began with a light foot massage and paraffin wrapping that would ensure ultimate skin softness after an hour. (The warm boots she put on made it extra cozy.) As she began working on my face, she scoped out my skin, targeting any areas that needed extra attention, and cleansed and smoothed it with Daily Microexfoliant before getting into the nitty gritty.

Yes, extractions hurt, but they hurt so good, as aestheticians seemingly have an X-ray vision that can peer beyond what the eye can see to get the bad stuff out before it explodes (likely before a first date.)

A new awakening
After she applied a final cloth “mask” overlay to make me extra, extra pretty, I got a brief neck and shoulder massage before she began removing the paraffin, revealing my ultra-moisturized feet and hands.

As Shirley finished up, she added a final touch—a dash of Dermalogica’s Antioxident Hydramist—an alkalinizing, anti-inflammatory spray containing vitamin E, white tea and rosewater. It was so refreshing I was tempted to buy my own bottle and store it in the fridge for Vegas’s brutally hot summers.
Since I had all sorts of actively hydrating goop on my face working to sustain the prettiness, I didn’t want to sweat it out, so I relaxed some more in my newly warmed-up robe and then checked out. Beauty may be only skin deep, but I could swear my refreshing spa day at Bally’s gave me an extra-radiant inner glow all week.

The vanity area is stocked with everything needed to glam yourself back up after a few spa treatments at Bally's Las Vegas.

The vanity area is stocked with everything needed to glam yourself back up after a few spa treatments.

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