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The Art of Showgirl Wrangling: Cyber Monday Preview

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We’ll say it. Las Vegas showgirls can be a handful.

Recently, this blog was asked to take photos of some “Jubilee!” showgirls for an upcoming Cyber Monday sale from Caesars Entertainment that we’re pretty sure is going to be so awesome it will, in marketing parlance, “make the Internet cry for its mama.”

To let people know about Cyber Monday (the online shopping day that follows Black Friday, which in 2011 happens Nov. 28), we thought it would be fun to photograph actual human beings rather than using, you know, stock photography models. Enter Adrienne.

Adrienne showgirl Jubilee

Sass quotient, off the charts.

During our photo shoot, it took about four seconds to realize Adrienne was going to keep us on our toes. She’s feisty, quick with a quip, and she definitely knows her way around a sequin.

So, how do you wrangle a Las Vegas showgirl? Here’s how.

1) Start by making dumb, self-depricating jokes. As with other interactions, if you can make fun of yourself before others get a chance to, you tend to win.

2) Flattery gets you everywhere. Showgirls are used to being judged by their physical appearance, so flattery about something else goes a long way. “You have a great sense of humor,” for example, is better than, “You have very few clothes on.”

Jubilee showgirl

We tend to like a challenge. But maybe not this much of a challenge.

3) Know the lingo. Adrienne started to do that thing showgirls do, you know, where they bend one knee in front of the other, and we said, “Nice bevel!” That’s what they’re called. Read more. When you know the lingo, you’re golden.

4) Don’t stare. That’s creepy. Pretend to look at everything else but the showgirl.

5) Ask questions. Ultimately, showgirls are just people. They have families and hobbies and aspirations. Ask about those things, and mean it. Genuine interest in people goes a long way, with showgirls and in life.

Jubilee showgirl

Chill. We are a Las Vegas blog. We do not bite.

Yes, this blog has an incredibly difficult job, but someone’s got to do it.

Thanks to the troublesome Adrienne and her cohorts for helping out with the Caesars Entertainment Cyber Monday sale graphic thingy.

Cyber Monday

Showgirls, wrangled, in the finished product.

Watch for more about the upcoming Cyber Monday blow-out, since rooms at Caesars Entertainment hotels across the country are expected to be deeply discounted.

And make sure to see the longest-running showgirl production in the known universe, Jubilee! at Bally’s Las Vegas.

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