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Recognize this Las Vegas spot?

Bally's Las Vegas people mover lights

Freaky, bro! No, really, this blog's bro sometimes reads this blog.

Did you at least try to guess? We’ll wait.

It’s the moving walkway from Las Vegas Boulevard to the entrance of Bally’s Las Vegas. (Or in this case, the part of the walkway heading toward Las Vegas Boulevard.)

We set our camera for a five or six second exposure, and tried to hold as still as possible as we moved along, creating a tunnel effect. Note: The wobbly parts were caused by the movement of the walkway, not alcohol consumption. We are a professional Las Vegas blog, after all.

Trivia: A moving walkway is also referred to as a “travelator,” “horizontal escalator,” “walkalator,” “autowalk,” “movator” or “people mover.” Or, in the case of Bally’s, a “slot player bringer-inner.” (We may have made that last one up.)

Have a great photo you’ve taken of a Las Vegas landmark? We’d love to see it. Just post a link in the comments section.

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