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“Véronic Voices” Opens at Bally’s Las Vegas

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The curtain is finally up on the much-anticipated new show at Bally’s Las Vegas, “Véronic Voices,” starring Véronic DiCaire, a singer “discovered” by none other than Celine Dion.

We snuck into a dress rehearsal for a few words with popular singer-impressionist DiCaire, who is clearly giddy about having her own show on the Las Vegas Strip.

Pulse of Vegas: How’s it going? (Yes, this blog studied journalism.)

Véronic: It’s going very well. There are still adjustments that need to be made, but those are the growing pains of creating a new show. It’s a journey.

It's sort of like 50 shows in one.

It’s sort of like 50 concerts in one.

Pulse of Vegas: Could you make this blog’s life easier by telling us details about your show?

Véronic: I like to say that when you come to my show, it’s like a roller coaster ride. I like to give emotions to people. We start the show with me introducing myself, then I bring the audience into my room when I was a teenager and I explain where I come from. I think it’s fairly typical, but I started singing in front of a mirror, with my hair brush as a mic. I let the audience into my universe as a teenager. We go through Toni Basil and Cyndi Lauper and Blondie, and Annie Lenox with the Eurythmics.

Pulse of Vegas: This blog is a big fan of both cheerleaders and Annie Lenox. Could you please tell us more?

Véronic: After that, I explain more about how I do imitations. My little tricks to imitate someone like Amy Winehouse or Anita Baker. Next is a “Queen of Pop” segment, sort of a “battle” between singers like Rihanna and Britney Spears and Katy Perry. We made it like a TV show, and they compete for who’s going to be the “Queen of Pop.” Then Madonna comes in and lets these newer performers know she’s still the queen.

At times, Veronic hits notes so high, they have to be approved by the FAA.

At times, Veronic hits notes so high, they have to be approved by the FAA.

Pulse of Vegas: You seem to especially enjoy the country music part of the show. Which, we realize isn’t a question.

Véronic: Coming to the United States, I was so excited to sing country music. For me, it’s a dream come true to do Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood. Because back home they don’t know those singers as well. I’m so happy to have that segment in the show. Then, there’s a diva portion where I explain what it takes to be a diva.

Pulse of Vegas: That diva part was amazing, by the way. We almost cried. Moving on. Do you choose singers because you can impersonate them, or because it’s music you especially like?

Véronic: It’s a bit of both. I find that in my experiences in France and Canada, people who come to see my show are all different ages. So, I want to choose singers everybody knows. Maybe younger people won’t know Karen Carpenter, but it’s part of our musical history. I do have personal favorites, but I also include singers who are just more famous now. People expect to hear the singers on the top of the charts.

Pulse of Vegas: Are there singers you’ve tried, but can’t get?

Véronic: I’ve tried some singers I couldn’t do. There were a couple that made me angry because I couldn’t get them. I couldn’t get Diana Krall. Her voice was so low in my range, and if I sang her higher, you couldn’t recognize her voice.

Little-known fact: Véronic sang the part of Roxie Hart in the French language version of "Chicago."

Little-known fact: Véronic sang the part of Roxie Hart in the French language version of “Chicago.”

Pulse of Vegas: Some of the biggest voices close the show. How in the world do you hit those notes? Isn’t your voice just done because you’ve done dozens of other singers?

Véronic: I think it’s from four years of touring in Europe. I know where I’m physically comfortable, and by the end, I’m actually warmed up. I start with Celine’s ‘Power of Love,’ and that’s where I have to make sure I’m warmed up. That one scares me a lot, but at the end, you give that last push and just go for it.

Pulse of Vegas: When Celine came to Las Vegas, they built The Colosseum at Caesars Palace with a humidity control system to deal with the desert dryness. At Bally’s, you probably don’t have any of that, right?

Véronic: I’ve been training a lot for this show, and I was a bit nervous about how my voice would react to being in the desert. So far so good, touch wood. [She touches her forehead. She’s funny.] I do a lot of water and coconut water and it helps me a lot. People were telling me about the smoke from the fires in California. Now, I get to deal with not just the dryness but the smoke? What smoke? I try not to get too crazy about it. It’s amazing how the body can adapt.

No Vegas show would be complete without some snappy choreography.

No Vegas show would be complete without some snappy choreography.

Pulse of Vegas: Have you had any time to enjoy other Las Vegas offerings?

Véronic: Rehearsing has pretty much been it. We’ve been onstage every day working with the all the dancers. But I love it. What I imagined of Las Vegas was pizzazz and giving people a good time, so they can feel like they got their money’s worth. So, I want them to be happy. That’s my main goal, making people happy. That’s my mission.

Catch Véronic DiCaire and all her “Voices” at Bally’s Las Vegas.

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