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Suite Spotlight: Planet Hollywood’s Boulevard Suite Shows You How It’s Done

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Boulevard Suites at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino 

Bright. Vibrant. Fun. Glamorous. These all describe the 1,800-square-foot Boulevard Suite at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. One step inside and it’s like you walked into your very own photo shoot.

There’s so much to love about this room, but we broke it down to five reasons why. Whether it’s the alluring décor and furniture, spacious living area or location itself, this suite is ideal for your next big party in Sin City. Not to mention, you’ll have a spiffy view of the Strip.

We doubt there’ll be a lot of sleep happening. This suite is bound to be party central from the moment you arrive. See exactly why we love this Vegas suite so much:

The living room in boulevard suite at Planet Hollywood - swing in the background

Oh, you want to hang out here all day? That can easily be arranged… Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.


Eighteen hundred square feet of space is massive. To give you an idea just how spacious that is, let’s just say you can fill up the room and shoot your own music video if you wanted to. Think Mayer Hawthorne’s “Henny & Gingerale.”

This suite is the life of the party and you can treat it like your own nightclub. You can spare your friends the long lines (or going through a shady promoter to jump those lines). Ladies: If you decide to kick off your stilettos here, there ain’t no shame to your game.

In addition to the spacious living room, there’s also a separate dining space and bar area. No matter where you are, you’ll catch breathtaking views of the Strip from the suite’s floor-to-ceiling windows.

Who needs a club and pricey bottle service, anyway? The party’s already in your room, baby.

Artwork featured in in Boulevard Suite at Planet Hollywood

It’s all in the details. Photo by Jeannie Garcia / Total Vegas Blog.

High Fashion Art

Before you send your Vegas suite to full party mode, take time to walk around and look at the art in every room. But we don’t need to tell you that. You’ll be drawn to all of it the second you set foot here. Each piece comes off so alive and vibrant. Everything adds to the overall feel of the suite. We’re sure you’ll have your favorite piece.

Master bathroom in Boulevard suite at Planet Hollywood

Lights. Planet. Action. Here, you’re the star of the show. Photo courtesy of Total Vegas Blog for Caesars Entertainment.

Get Ready In Style 

Every hotel room should be required to have at least one basic essential: good lighting.

This is one of the smaller things we love about the Boulevard Suite. The well-lit mirrors help achieve your gorgeous look for the evening.

The suite comes with two bathrooms, one tucked in the bedroom and another one by the foyer for your guests. This gives you more than enough room to get ready. The bedroom’s spacious bathroom also includes a separate tub and shower.

We also dig the roomy wardrobe, complete with a city lights design. This room doesn’t miss a beat.

Living room in Planet Hollywood's Boulevard Suite

So just chill… ’til the next episode. Photo courtesy of Total Vegas Blog for Caesars Entertainment.


By now you get the idea that this is a party room. But it’s also a great place to unwind. The deep bathtub, the lounge-style sectional couch, the seating areas throughout and finally the dreamy pillow-top bed prove this suite is fit for relaxing. There’s also a flat-screen TV in both the living room and bedroom, so if you want to binge watch your fave shows or just take it down a few notches, this is the perfect place to do just that. Plus, you’ll need to recharge for round two (and three) of partying.

Birdcage Swing in Boulevard Suite at Planet Hollywood

Straight loungin’. Photo courtesy of Total Vegas Blog for Caesars Entertainment.


And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: We get to the main star of the suite — the outrageous birdcage swing.

Think all you want about the swing, but once you sit in it you’ll love it. It spins in a full 360 degrees (cue “oohs” and “ahhs”). It’s also pretty relaxing when you lay out and stretch your legs. We’re sure you’ll be taking selfies and boomerang photos here all night.

If you book your room here, you’re not too far from all the action outside. Not that you’d ever want to leave this suite (you would just have to at some point), but you’re center Strip so you’re automatically surrounded by non-stop excitement.

Why have the party anywhere else? This suite has it all.

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