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A Tale Of Two Hotels: A Boutique Experience At Nobu Hotel And The Cromwell

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We come to Vegas to relax all day and party the night away, but it’s even better to be treated like a superstar — all while you’re in the center of the Strip. Stay in a Vegas boutique hotel and you get just that.

Both Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace and The Cromwell offer these perks: You’re surrounded by the energy of the Strip, but the moment you waltz in your intimate-sized hotel it feels like an exclusive party. You get personalized attention you wouldn’t at a typical resort and let’s be honest — we love being catered to. And with their prized locations, you truly get the best of both worlds.

These two hotels have their own distinct qualities, and we’re here to celebrate both. While both of these Vegas hotels offer attention to detail and personalized service, the vibes are completely different. One’s perfect for the ultimate getaway, while the other is ideal for the party of a lifetime.

Either way, you’ll feel like a celebrity with top-notch, VIP service. With a smaller capacity, that means more focus on you. Find out why we can’t get enough of both of these beauties. Word of advice? Start packing now.

Experience a boutique hotel in Las Vegas - Nobu Villa's rooftop deck

Nobu Villa’s rooftop deck overlooks the Las Vegas Strip.

Why we love both

You’re away… but not far away at all.

The Cromwell is the only standalone boutique hotel in Las Vegas

The Cromwell sits right in the center of the Strip.

Both Nobu and The Cromwell sit on the Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo Road intersection, the most enviable and energizing spot on the Las Vegas Strip. The Cromwell is the only standalone boutique hotel on the Strip. And while Nobu is located inside Caesars Palace, it’s still in its own exclusive space.

The lobby details are on point

We know, we know. These are just the lobbies. But with ones that look like these, you’ll probably be using them as a backdrop for all your selfies. The Cromwell has a Sherlock Holmes-meets-contemporary vibe, while Nobu feels like you’re entering an über hip spa or nightclub.

Boutique hotels are more intimate

Some may say a room’s just a room. Wrong, buddy. You can feel the difference between rooms in a gigantic hotel as opposed to a smaller property. The Cromwell only has 188 rooms and Nobu has 182. Compared to most hotels that have thousands, there are so many details that go into boutique hotels. It’s like staying in a stylish apartment in a big city.

You feel like you’re part of a cool club

Staying in a boutique hotel feels exclusive. You really are part of an elite club. But it’s not the kind of club with the cheesy Members Only jackets, and no elaborate handshake or code word is necessary.

Nobu writes a handwritten letter to VIP and suite guests and offers complimentary tea for all guests in the second-floor lounge until 10 p.m. daily. You also receive two different robes in your room: One for bathing and another strictly for lounging. At The Cromwell, each guest gets a sample tasting at Bound (the hotel lobby bar) every Friday and Saturday at 5 p.m. That’s what’s up!

your personal concierge is a quick text away 

Speaking of being part of the cool club, Nobu and The Cromwell offer something most hotels don’t: Ivy. Even though it’s a quick elevator ride to the hotel check-in / concierge desk, let’s face it — you have a lot going on and are busy having fun. Ivy will be your new Vegas bestie.

Ivy is a real time guest text messaging service that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll get text message answers for everything like suggestions on things to do in and around Vegas, restaurant reservations, show tickets, spa appointments, information about the property, housekeeping/ maintenance requests, express check-out and more. (We personally love the idea of ordering towels or asking about breakfast hours without having to wait on the phone.)

it’s game time, baby

The Cromwell’s rooms have coffee tables that double as a board game table, while select Sake suites at Nobu have a pool table. This is a great way for your friends to kill time while you get ready. Telling them, “Five more minutes!” won’t be a problem at all. Don’t be surprised if they’re the ones telling you that.

and… The bathrooms rock

In Vegas, hotel room bathrooms are a big deal. It’s where you get dolled up for a wild night, but also a place where you unwind after that wild night. Your hotel bathroom is your escape from all the craziness.

The Cromwell suites have a steam / rain shower that’s extra rejuvenating. You’ll be ready to take on the day. Nobu has more of a relaxed, Zen-like vibe. You can just lounge in the bathtub and soak up all the positive energy.

Why we love Nobu 

it’s the most peaceful stay ever 

Nobu Las Vegas hotel rooms have a sense of peacefulness

Have you ever had a spa day so good that you wished you could have spent the night? Staying at Nobu is something like that. Designed by famed architect David Rockwell, the Japanese-inspired theme is relaxing and tranquil. No need to travel across the world. With Nobu’s nature themes displayed throughout, you’ll feel miles away. Nobu is like a quiet Japanese garden, perfect for meditating and working on your yoga poses.

Nobu is the perfect place to chill and unwind 

Boutique hotel in Las Vegas - Nobu is the perfect place to chill and unwind

Netflix while on vacation? Pssh. We are far from judging you. This media room inside the Sake Suite is making our living rooms at home way jealous. Now scoot on over, why don’t you?

Nobu at your doorstep

At Nobu, you’ll enjoy 24-hour room service that surpasses the typical burger and fries deal. Here, you can order green tea chocolate-dipped strawberries. (We’ll take a dozen, please.) And if you wanted your own personal Nobu sushi chef whipping up a meal in your room, that can also be arranged.

Since you’ll be making the most of your room, you won’t leave any time soon. The hotel offers world-class dining through its exclusive room service menu, specially curated by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. Enjoy dishes like greet tea waffles, lobster bao buns, ramen and of course, sushi rolls. And when you do decide to eat downstairs, you get priority access to Nobu Restaurant.

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Boutique Hotel in Las Vegas: The Cromwell is decadent at its finest

The Cromwell’s Parlour suite.

The best way to describe The Cromwell: Decadent at its finest. With its Parisian décor influences, trunk-style furnishings and overall retro vibe, it’s fitting for an upscale hotel soiree.

We know boutique hotels do not have a cookie cutter look and The Cromwell best explains that. The Cromwell may have quirky artwork (like pets wearing top hats), but the suites still feel extra glamorous.

You’re the glamour queen

The Cromwell has stylist vanity mirrors that’ll make you feel like a star

Speaking of glam, The Cromwell offers Hollywood-style vanity mirrors that’ll make you feel like a star. You’ll even find straightening irons in your room. Feel free to leave yours at home.

It’s easy to roam around

The Cromwell's casino floor makes it easy to get around because it's cozy size.

From the registration area, it’s a quick walk and elevator ride to your room. You won’t have to trek through a large casino and lug around your bags. The Cromwell makes it easy to get around because of the casino’s intimate size.

It’s the perfect bachelorette getaway

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The Cromwell is a non-stop party. After you’re done getting ready and sipping cocktails in your room or suite, Drai’s Beachclub and Nightclub is only an elevator button away. So if you forgot something, you won’t have to stress about doing a crazy mission trip back to your room. And we’re sure your squad won’t mind accompanying you.

Speaking of getaway, take advantage of The Cromwell’s All Access Package. Perfect for everyone from large groups to small, it comes with a stay in The Cromwell’s Deluxe room, VIP escord to Drai’s Nightclub, two complimentary drinks at Bound, $100 food credit at GIADA and one in-room movie credit. Book your Access Package now.

giada at your doorstep

You can order GIADA’s California-inspired Italian food right to your door. Savor on delicious dishes from celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis’ restaurant right in the comfort of your room. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed? Hey, it gives you a reason to wear a plush robe and stay in bed all day.

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The Best Happy Hour Around Town 

Cromwell's new lounge called Interlude

Have a dollar to two to spare? head to Interlude for the best happy hour on the Strip.

When we say the best happy hour, we’re not kidding. Interlude casino lounge serves $1 martinis and $1 Ciroc cocktails every day from 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. That’s right. One dollar. We’ll cheers to that!

at nobu and the cromwell, you’re still this close to partying the night away

Party the night away at a Las Vegas nightclub

OMNIA likes to party.

And the beat goes on: We’re ending this blog on a sweet, upbeat note: Both Nobu and The Cromwell are close to the hottest nightclubs (Drai’s at The Cromwell, OMNIA Nightclub at Caesars Palace), as well as some of the finest restaurants on The Strip.

At a boutique hotel, you really do get the best of both worlds: You’re away from everything, but also in the center of it all. It’s a weird-but-true oxymoron you’ll appreciate. Torn between the two? Make it a long week and stay at both.

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