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Caesars Entertainment Resorts Unveil All-New Foursquare Badges With Benefits

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Foursquare is one of the most popular location-based social apps out there, and now fans of hotels in the Caesars Entertainment (Total Rewards) family can snag Foursquare badges by checking into venues at their favorite Las Vegas Strip resorts.

The new badges aren’t just badges, though, they’re badges with benefits. “Unlocking” the badges comes with perks that differ by resort, including 50%-off show tickets, VIP nightclub and pool access and more.

Bally's Foursqure badge

Can you guess which hotel this badge belongs to? It's Bally's. We are a Las Vegas blog, not a quiz show.

To unlock these special badges and receive the special offers (good for a year), guests need to “Like” a resort on Foursquare (see how, step-by-step, below), then check-in to three venues over the course of 48 hours.

Sorry, checking in at several venues in rapid succession doesn’t unlock the badge, so take your time and do Vegas right. Your liver will thank you, too, by the way.

Caesars Palace badge

The Caesars Palace Foursquare badge. You're already getting the hang of this.

Here’s the skinny what you get along with your shiny new Foursquare badge and bragging rights: At Bally’s Las Vegas, an unlocked badge means 50% off a ticket to “Jubliee!,” the showgirl spectacular.

At Caesars Palace, it’s free, front-of-the-line access to Pure Nightclub for a year. (That’s valued at about $50 a pop, for dudes.)

Flamingo Las Vegas Foursquare badge

No hints this time. Hint: There's a flamingo.

The “Flamingo Forever Fabulous” badge, above, gets you front-of-the-line access to the Go Pool for a year.

At Harrah’s Las Vegas, your badge gets you free, front-of-the-line access to the party at Carnaval Court for a year.

Harrah's Las Vegas badge

It's the Harrah's Las Vegas badge, baby. Unless you hate being called "baby," then nevermind.

The “Paris Ooh La La!” badge comes with free, front-of-the-line access to Chateau Nightclub for a year. Starting to see a pattern here?

Paris Las Vegas badge

Yes, the Paris Vegas badge is happy to see you.

At Planet Hollywood, your Foursquare badge comes with free, front-of-line access to Gallery Nightclub for an entire year.

Planet Hollywood badge

The Planet Hollywood badge is currently in turnaround at Paramount, whatever that actually means.

Finally, at Rio Las Vegas, the “Rio Magical Masquerade” badge gets its owner free, front-of-line access to our topless pool, Voo Pool, for an entire year. Perhaps we should repeat that. Top. Less. Pool. Free.

Golly, which Foursquare badge perk is this blog’s favorite. Let’s think.

Rio Las Vegas

No, they didn't put an actual topless person on the Rio Las Vegas badge. Get over it.

Checking in on Foursquare is always a good idea in Las Vegas, whether you’re trying to unlock a badge or not. Check-ins often result in special offers like 2-for-1 cocktails or dining and show discounts.

So, which Las Vegas Foursquare badge will you try to unlock first?

Remember, it’s important to “Like” a given hotel using Foursquare’s “Like Pages” function before you start checking into the various venues to unlock your badge. On your mobile device, tap the button with your name at the bottom right of the Foursquare home screen, then hit “Friends,” then “Pages.” Use the “add” icon (upper right), then search for your favorite resort, and “Like” it. You’re all set to start your Las Vegas badge-unlocking, deal-getting adventure.

One Foursquare etiquette note: Sharing your unlocked Foursquare badges on Facebook and Twitter isn’t “bragging,” per se, it’s merely a fun way to let your friends know you’re awesome and if they don’t have badges of their own, they’re not cool enough to be your friends anymore, sorry. Or something along those lines.

Start checking in on Foursquare today!

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