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10 Reasons Why Bacchanal Still Reigns As The Best Buffet In Las Vegas

Last updated: March 18, 2016 at 10:04 am. Posted by in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Restaurants. 30 Comments on 10 Reasons Why Bacchanal Still Reigns As The Best Buffet In Las Vegas.

The assorted desserts, pastries, crepes, cookies and unlimited gelato are a big reason Las Vegas visitors come back for more at Bacchanal Buffet.

The assorted desserts, pastries, crepes, cookies and unlimited gelato are a big reason Las Vegas visitors come back for more at Bacchanal Buffet.

Many Las Vegas signatures have been “luxe-ified” in recent years, including the classic buffet—at least at Caesars Palace. After a $17 million renovation in 2012, the iconic hotel’s buffet was reborn and changed the landscape all over town. The glamorous and gluttonous buffet encouraged grand, Roman-style feasting, yet set in a chic interior by powerhouse designers Super Potato. Bacchanal Buffet Las Vegas soon set the standard for all other buffets after it. Now, Bacchanal has celebrated its second anniversary with more dishes than ever, like the ones shown in its fancy celebration video.

Among nine open kitchens, you’ll find chefs cooking dishes right front of you, rather than food sitting on a hot plate for hours. Another signature factor in its 500 dishes served daily? Presentation. Bacchanal offers small portions already plated, such as the shrimp and grits and ceviche with mango slaw. Nearly two years later, Bacchanal is still the best Las Vegas buffet on the Strip. Here are 10 delicious reasons why.

  • The food is consistently fresh. Unlike a lot of buffets, food doesn’t sit out at Bacchanal. Staff is continually turning over plates and pans so that dishes are both they’re hot and fresh without that stale, heat-lamp taste. When I was going for another order of fried chicken, the current bowl was whisked away and I was immediately brought out a piping hot presentation with even juicier chicken.
  • The line pass. Though Total Rewards Diamond and Seven Star members have their own VIP line, any diner can purchase a $20 line pass to skip Bacchanal’s (sometimes) lengthy lines and wait times. Additionally the new digital FreshTxt kiosks let you “check in” in line and virtually hold your place for hours, alerting you by text when it’s your turn. For a $15-$30 upgrade cost, Bacchanal Buffet is also available for those who have purchased a “Buffet of Buffets” pass.
  • The variety. You can go crazy pretty much at any of the food stations. Dig into multiple soups, more than 20 kinds of fresh-baked bread, multiple seasonal cheeses and more than 100 pastries.
  • The breakfast. Early risers have plenty more reasons to get up early here: think Bananas Foster donuts, churros, pancakes, breakfast quesadillas, mini waffles and eggs made any way you like them. Plus, many of the popular lunch items, including the Asian stations, pizza, pasta and seafood, are available at breakfast time.
  • The customization. Aside from salad bars, most buffets don’t allow for much “create your own” as you would like. At Bacchanal, small stations let you design many of your own dishes. The Mexican bar features a plethora of toppings that can go on anything from the tortilla chips to the tacos. We loved the guacamole (yes, made fresh) and lime salsa. A charcuterie area of sliced meats and premium cheeses is great for low carb options, and the various sauces and toppings at the Asian area is convenient to dressing up your dim sum however you want.
  • International flair. Don’t want to spend a bunch of money trying a foreign cuisine you may not like? Bacchanal has several dishes inspired by cultures around the world, so you can experience new tastes without breaking the bank. I personally loved sampling the pad Thai, the Chinese egg tart and the shu mai.
  • The seafood bacchanalia. Right at the front entrance you’ll notice an entire area devoted to goodies from under the sea. Stone crab, snow crab, scallops, bowlfuls of fresh shucked oysters, mussels, crab legs, prawns, you name it. There are also small plates of hot seafood dishes. Hint: this station is the keeper of that corn chowder with lobster. Stock up.
  • The blend of familiar and adventurous dishes. While you’ll find many high-quality comfort food staples at Bacchanal—sliced pizza, barbecue, French fries, Caesar salad, fried chicken—this place thinks out of the box, too. Go ahead and try the roasted red pepper and crab gazpacho or gumbo-esque shrimp and grits dish.
    Bacchanal’s spiffiest new offering is caviar, whole fish and lobster as upsell charges. The whole fish option was introduced to target the large groups that often dine at Bacchanal. Available for lunch and dinner, you can order a whole fish for the table with prices ranging from $21.19 to 26.19 per pound. Choose from Norwegian Mackerel, New Zealand Tai Snapper and Golden Pompano. Further customize your catch with two different preparation options:
    -Grilled Whole: Belly stuffed with fresh lemons and aromatic herbs, seasoned with fleur de sel and fresh cracked tellichery black peppercorn – Charred lemons & fresh herbs for garnish
    -Fried Whole Asian Style: Tamari soy & yuzu base sauce, ginger and scallion topped, hot sesame oil sear to finish, chili thread and cilantro garnish
  • The dessert. Oh, the dessert. The sweet endings at Bacchanal aren’t just crammed to an end corner—these babies are so beautiful, they live on their own Dessert Island (I like to call it) away from the buffet line. Each edge of the square-shaped dessert feast features confection after confection. Butterscotch cookies, cake pops, chocolate lava cake, peanut butter cup cupcakes, cinnamon buns, sugar-free goodies, crème brulee, mini soufflés and crepes made on the spot. The gelato area features at least 10 or so flavors at a time. We combined the lemon sorbet with a scoop of the sugar free raspberry sorbet, and then really overdid it with a scoop of Nutella crunch gelato piled with sprinkles. I also loved the tapioca dessert topped with a dizzyingly delicious mango sauce.
  • The fancy interior design. Bacchanal is the furthest setting from a Vegas’ old school cafeteria-like buffets. With its ultra-modern aesthetic, the 600-seat space sometimes feels more like a chic retreat. The three elements that inspired the design—wood, steel and glass—all play off each other for a sleek, contemporary look and feel.

Last word

My top recommendations from recent visits to Bacchanal: the heavenly truffled mushroom soup, barbecue brisket, red velvet pancakes, five bean salad, the meatballs and crispy Brussels sprouts.

Design elements of wood give Bacchanal an upscale yet comfortable, earthy vibe.

Design elements of wood give Bacchanal an upscale yet comfortable, earthy vibe.


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30 Responses

  1. Tom Henderson

    Do you want to check on that statement about $15 additional charge when using the BoB pass?

  2. Emma Trotter

    Hi Tom, you’re right, I’ve made it more clear that the additional upgrade charge starts at $15, but can go to $30. Thanks for reading!

  3. Wait!….No Tuna Casserole?

  4. Joe Kampa

    I have to tell you after a visit to Las Vegas several months ago we visited the famed buffet. I had seen the numerous advertisements around town and decided we should give it a try. My wife and I have lived in different countries and many different sates in the US. This has afforded us the opportunity to sample cuisine from around the globe in many different settings. I can tell you I agree with you about the decor, but that’s about as far as I’d go. After the astronomically high price raised our ire we were set to find the value. There simply was nothing to write home about other than our overall recommendation to stay away from this one. You’d do much better to pay the $45 per person charge to the Brazilian Steakhouse, because at least you know the quality you’ll receive. There is no doubt that you will find an almost endless supply of choices at the Caesar’s buffet but the quality is not much better than cafeteria fare. I was attracted to the seafood line and so disappointed. It all tasted as though it was boiled in salt water days before and refrigerated. There was little to no freshness, character, or difference of flavor in any of it. There is a reason why it is stationed near the entrance, so that passers-by can be drawn by the appearance, but the draw ends there. One other point is to pass on the sushi. It too is a draw which dupes those who either know nothing about sushi or have little experience with even the mid-grade quality variety. I’ve enjoyed grocery store sushi more. I surely could go on and on about the lack of value at Bacchanal, but I won’t in the interest of preserving space. If you are determined to eat at the buffet trough in Las Vegas then you should really try Le Village at Paris.

  5. Scott

    How much does the basic buffet cost? Thanks

  6. Emma Trotter

    Hi Scott, prices are different for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch and are slightly higher on weekends. Total rewards members get a reduced price! you can always call and ask what the price is for the time and day you are wanting to go: 702-731-7928
    Breakfast starts at around $20.

  7. Joe

    Hi Emma, which would you recommend to get a good representation of the buffet – Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner?

  8. Emma Trotter

    Hi Joe, definitely lunch. There are sooooo many selections that are even similar to dinner food, and some that are light or in-between. So you can eat as much as you want and not be hungry for a long time! Plus the price is cheaper!

  9. Jackie

    I ate at this buffet once a few months ago and was not impressed. The prices were outrageous, and while there was a good variety of food, the quality was mediocre buffet food at best. Plus, the whole thing of being charged extra to go to the front of the line annoyed the heck out of me because it meant every person who paid the extra free caused my wait to get longer. This type of upcharge is just a greedy way to take advantage of hungry customers!

  10. Pedro

    Too expensive. No value and long lines.

  11. Mark Belrose

    After waiting in line for over an hour and seeing a constant flow of people willing to pay the “line pass” fee seated in front of me, I was completely irate that Caesars would gouge their customers for this additional fee. This is completely about greed and nothing about customer service. As a result, neither myself nor my extended group of friends will ever set foot inside of Caesars again.

  12. Roger

    Where’s the hot dogs!?!

  13. Its all about BEING SEEN pigging out at this place. Just imagine all the waste from people who all of the sudden don’t like what they thought 2 minutes earlier would take up just a small space in their gut????

  14. Patrick

    Come on people. I ran across this advertisement at the bottom of a news story. This is a blog post not journalism. The author obviously works for them so why the negative replies? It is Las Vegas you expected real quality?

  15. Emma Trotter

    Hi Mark, I’m sorry you had a bad experience! The digital check in kiosks make it easy to both avoid lines and avoid paying the line pass fee. Simply go to the kiosk at any time in advance of you wanting to dine, (but the earlier the better), and see what the wait is for the time you’d like to go and number in your party. When you then set a reservation under your name, the machine will text you 15 minutes prior to remind you to head to Bacchanal, and you’ll be in!

  16. My wife and I have gone there for the past two years. Twice this last trip. We have found this to be the BEST Buffet we have been to in Vegas, Atlantic City, or anywhere else. Last year While watching the Vegas channel in my room I saw a spot about the Bacchanal Buffet , I thought it can’t be this good, when we went I couldn’t believe how good it was. The TV spot was right on and showed how great it was, we intend to go back every time we are in Vegas. Those with bad comments, I don’t understand at all

  17. Emma Trotter

    Hi Vincent, thank you for your nice comment! I totally agree with you. I could really at BB every day and be happy, there’s just so much delicious variety! Cheers to your next trip and a visit to Bacchanal!

  18. We have stayed at Caesar’s many, many times….but have never eaten buffet….love Homestead and Mesa Grill…. not to mention room service, lol….where exactly is the buffet located? We’ll be back there Labor Day and will make it a point to eat there!!

  19. Emma Trotter

    Hi Dena, I love that you’re a Caesars fan! We have so many restaurants at CP that you have to try every one at least once. Bacchanal is located next to Rao’s and Payard, sort of the direction of the convention halls and pool and Laurel Collection are, and kind of close to the main valet off Las Vegas Boulevard. Happy eating!

  20. deb

    for the first time since the 70’s i’m going to Vegas by myself (i’ve been over 100 times through the years). I’ve always eaten at the fast food places (or places that i can get a discount). Since i’m solo this year, i’d like to try a buffet. Is it true that the wait for the Bacchanal is long? My last experience with a buffet is south point (no wait, but so-so food)

    I’ll be going Nov 23-27. Any info would be great.

  21. Emma Trotter

    Hi Deb. No the wait isn’t too long! There are also two options if it is. The kiosks out front let you check in early (let’s say 10 am) to reserve your spot in line, if say you wanted to go around noon. They text you when your reservation is ready. There are also line passes you can buy! Definitely go – Bacchanal is a bucket list experience for sure.

  22. Forrest Shields

    Current prices as of November 2014:
    Breakfast (Mon-Fri) $29
    Lunch (Mon-Fri) $36
    Dinner (Mon-Thur) $51
    Dinner (Fri-Sun) $54
    Brunch (Sat-Sun) $45
    Children are half price. $1 adult price with TR card.

  23. Forrest Shields

    Problems I had:
    FreshTxt kiosks only located at the buffet. Not anywhere else in the casino or Forum Shops. So you have to go to the buffet anyway. Very inconvenient.
    FreshTxt kiosks are turned off during non peak times. So it is impossible to go to the buffet at 3:30 pm to make reservations for 7:00 pm. You have to keep coming back to see if they have turned on the kiosks to make your reservation and then risk that that time is already full. Totally defeats the purpose.

  24. David

    I was thinking about going to the Bacchanal Buffet for Thanksgiving but I don’t see any specific information for Thanksgiving such as price and anything special they are cooking.

    How do I buy the line pass and how quick can I really get in if I pay the extra money?

  25. Tracy

    I visited Bacchanal as a party of 3 last week and I was BLOWN AWAY. I had never tried a Vegas buffet before, and since we only had time to do 1 we figured we better do the BEST one in Vegas – and we were NOT disappointed!! The (warm) crab legs have been seared into my memory – I’m pretty sure we each ate our $50 entrance fee in crab legs alone!! Two questions for you though – 1) I think the link to your photo gallery is broken; it’s not “click-able” & I really want to see these pics!! And 2) is there any way to get an ingredient break-down or even a description of dishes served there? I ate a mini endive salad w/ pomegranate seeds there last week (Friday) & can’t find any pics or descriptions about it! Thank you!!

  26. Emma Trotter

    Hi Tracy, we are so happy you went to BB and enjoyed it! I could seriously eat there every day. As far as the photo gallery, if you click on each photo you want to open up and wait a minute, it will open bigger sized in a new window. As far as the ingredients list, we dont have that – they usually change the dishes out weekly and seasonally so there’s a rotating list of more than 500 things!

  27. Emma Trotter

    Hi David, let me check on the line pass. That might be available through concierge and also at Bacchanal. Also, we will have a Thanksgiving blog post up this week that will highlight the dishes. They are cooking several specialties for the day. There will also be Thanksgiving themed brunch items that weekend.

  28. Emma Trotter

    Hi David, There is more info in the new Thanksgiving blog:

    Additionally, for TG day at Bacchanal: Stuffed Turkey Roulade w Carrot Buttermilk Brown Butter Sauce, Smoked Turkey, Traditional Turkey Gravy, Roasted Jumbo Turkey Legs, Apricot Whole Grain Mustard, Butternut Squash Ravioli w Frangelico Sage Cream Sauce, Crispy Artichokes w Citrus Romesco Sauce, Salmon Wellington w Pernod Capers Sauce “To Carve”, Lobster Ravioli w Madeira Sauce, Baked Alaskan Cod w Champagne Sabayon at 11 a.m.

  29. Rebecca

    Hi, is there an add on drinks package available with weekend brunch?! I’ve seen that at some other buffets and trying to compare! Thanks x

  30. Emma Trotter

    Hi Rebecca, the brunch price includes bottomless mimosas! I believe it’s around $50 total.