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“Absinthe” at Caesars Isn’t As Good As You’ve Heard

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Sorry, but “Absinthe” at Caesars Palace isn’t as good as you’ve heard. It’s so much better!

Absinthe, the “adult European circus,” has gotten universally rave reviews, but this blog wasn’t sure the show could live up to the hype, until, you know, we actually saw it.


We could totally do that. (The sitting down being in the audience part, that is.)

Here’s what makes “Absinthe” different: Exhilaration.

It’s that simple. You could see a lot of solid Vegas shows that don’t deliver exhilaration, but “Absinthe” serves it up in giant, profane, startling, partially-nude, mind-blowing quantities.

“The Gazillionaire” and Penny Pibbets co-host the outrageous show that takes place in the century-old “Spiegeltent” (Dutch for “mirror tent,” because, you know, there are lots of mirrors, 2,000 if you’re counting) in the Roman Plaza at Caesars. This blog doesn’t tend to blush, but these two outrageous, hilarious characters kept us beet-red for the duration of the show.


This blog has a crush on the "Spiegeltent." Oh, just let us live our lives!

Read more about the Spiegeltent, if you have a moment. And here’s a random Spiegeltent fact: In case you wondered, the “Absinthe” tent is 100% air-conditioned.


Nothing says "OMG!" like a high-wire act over the audience.

“Absinthe” is a collection of jaw-dropping circus acts, several of which we do not feel are entirely possible given the laws of physics.

Example: The Skating Aratas. This blog promises you have never seen anything like this skating duo. And certainly not at this distance. The speed at which these two do their daredevil skating thing is beyond the human mind to process. The fact they’re doing it three feet from the faces of audience members is kind of what makes the exhilaration kick in. Times, oh, infinity. Here’s a peek at this incredible act.


The stage is a mere eight feet wide, so things can get intense, and the intensity never really lets up. Just about every act receives an enthusiastic standing ovation, if for no other reason than audience members feel a cathartic relief inspired by the fact they didn’t receive traumatic head injuries during the performances. Trust us, you won’t believe it.


He ain't heavy, he's my brother. Which would have been a fine photo caption in 1969.

The show features a variety of supernaturally-talent-endowed international performers, and Las Vegas’ own Angel Porrino, co-star of “Holly’s World,” who does a striptease and tap dances inside a giant balloon. We don’t make up the news, we just report it.

“Absinthe” has something for everyone. There’s a high-wire act and a Cirque spoof and singing and burlesque and a raunchy sock-puppet show likely to rupture your spleen (in a good way).

Beyond the show, “Absinthe” creates a unique experience on the Strip with a lively Beer Garden open to the public (whether you’re seeing the show or not). The Beer Garden boasts drinking games including “Flip Stein” and “Champagne Pong” and other diversions.

The day we visited the show, elaborately-costumed, Roman-era characters were proclaiming the day “Absinthe Day” (June 24).


Just go with it. It's a marketing thing.

The nearby Serendipity 3 restaurant even created a special ice cream concoction in honor of the self-proclaimed “family-unfriendly” show. We were going to share a photo of the new “Absinthe Sundae,” but we kind of got distracted by this photo.

Absinthe Angel Porrino

The Gazillionaire explores the boundaries of harassment law with co-star Angel Porrino.

“Absinthe” is can’t miss entertainment, and is now included in the All-Stage Pass. The pass gets you virtually unlimited Vegas shows for 48 hours. Read more.

Take a listen to The Gazillionaire and Penny Pibbets on KNPR.

You will, no doubt, enjoy a look at the show via our incredibly grainy, poorly-composed photo gallery. Did we mention it’s an exclusive, as if that makes up for anything?

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See “Absinthe,” the show named “Best New Strip Show” by Las Vegas Weekly magazine, for yourself at Caesars Palace. Find them on Facebook and Twitter, too.

Oh, and we probably should have mentioned this hook-up sooner, but you’ll save $20 on a general admission ticket if you mention this super top-secret code: SOC20. Don’t say we never gave you anything.

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