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An Eye-Opening Look at the Making of Celine

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Celine Dion’s show at Caesars Palace is bursting with, among other things, dazzling visual effects. The company behind those visuals, Moment Factory, has put together a behind-the-scenes look at the making of one of the Strip’s most talked-about productions.

Celine behind the scenes

More than 250 performers auditioned for the James Bond sequence in Celine's show.

Watch the fascinating video here to see more.

We would embed the video here, but that might involve “learning how to embed video,” and we’re very busy working on recovering from our holiday hangover, thanks.


Celine tapes a segment for her show.

It’s amazing to see all the creativity and resources that go into a show like Celine’s at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. Dozens of “artists, animators, designers, illustrators, photographers, producers and directors,” many with charming French accents, spend hundreds of hours toiling to make Celine’s show unforgettable. Mission accomplished!


We had no idea, and this blog knows everything.

See the results of all this creativity onstage at Caesars Palace. Find out more.

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