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Caesars Fan Mad Max Ups the Tattoo Ante

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Max said he’d do it, and he did. We’ve got proof!

We posted previously about superfan Max Rudolph’s devotion to Vegas and all-things-Caesars, including his growing collection of tattoos featuring Pure Nightclub and Caesars Palace resort. Read more.

Recently, Max took the plunge and got another tattoo, this time showcasing the new Caesars Entertainment logo. (Caesars Entertainment, formerly Harrah’s Entertainment, is the umbrella company that owns the Las Vegas hotels featured in this blog.)

Max Rudolph tattoo

Everyone, Max. Max, everyone.

Max visits Sin City on a regular basis from Butte, Montana, and has devoted a good amount of body surface area to singing the praises of Caesars Palace and its offerings.

For his newest ink, Max visited Vince Neil Ink at O’Sheas, and master tattoo artist Justin.

Justin Vince Neil Ink

How does Justin not have his own reality show yet?

Justin, quite honestly, looks like he could crush a blogger’s head like an overripe grape. Turns out, though, he’s a teddy bear. Who often happens to brandish sharp objects, like needles!

Vince Neil Ink Vegas

Step 1: Shave. Step 2: Apply transfer. Step 3: Aieee!

After Justin shaved Max’s calf (a phrase we never expected to be typing), Justin applied a transfer with a rendering of the snazzy new Caesars logo, then made quick work of the tattoo.

Vince Neil Ink Vegas

Justin isn't mean, he's just inked that way.

The dude is focused and intense, and that intensity shows in the amazing quality of his work.



Max was glowing about his new tat, and added, “This is the least amount of pain I’ve ever had getting a tattoo.”


Fresh tattoos are wrapped to keep them fresh for the zombies. We may have just made that up.

Max says his tattoo is healing nicely, and he’s already looking forward to his next Vegas visit. In fact, he’s thinking of relocating to Sin City as soon as he can find a gig here in town.

We’re thinking something along the lines of “Caesars Ambassador” might do the trick.

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