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Caesars Palace Adds European Roulette to Its Repertoire

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Wandering through the casino at Caesars Palace recently, we were surprised and borderline giddy to see European roulette is now being offered in the iconic casino.

That’s right, European roulette. Which means Caesars Palace is one of the few casinos on The Strip that offers topless roulette! Which would be even more awesome if we weren’t just making it up. Well, the topless part, anyway.

European roulette

Looks funky. Feels so good.

What’s European roulette, you ask? Well, primarily, European roulette means that instead of a zero and double-zero on the table, there’s just zero. Why does this matter? Because having just one zero lowers the house edge, and that’s always a good thing.

In American roulette, with zero and double-zero, roulette’s house edge is 5.26%. Having just a zero lowers the house advantage to 2.7%. This difference in percentages is music to a roulette player’s ears.

Other casinos on The Strip may have European-style roulette, but they tend to keep the tables tucked away in their high roller salons. Caesars Palace has European roulette in both its high roller area and on its main casino floor.

European roulette also offers some additional bets you don’t see in American roulette. These are “call bets,” and you should probably ask your dealer what they mean, because we pretty much have no clue. They’re in a foreign language, after all.

European roulette

We are a blog, not a linguist.

From what we can gather, call bets in European roulette cover different number combinations. On the table we visited, the call bets are called “0-Spiel,” “Voisins,” “Orphelins” and “Tiers.” The “Voisins” bet is our favorite, because while we don’t know what it means, it does have “sin” in it, and Las Vegas is Sin City, so we’re kind of biased.

European roulette

We looked it up. "Voisins" means "neighbors." That certainly clears things up.

Because these European-style call bets cover a variety of numbers, the betting increments and payouts vary. So, again, inquire with your dealer.

Have fun, and always make the most of your gambling allowance by knowing the odds. The house ultimately has the advantage, but a game like European roulette can get you a step closer to cashing out a winner.

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