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Cee Lo Green’s New Video Shows Off Caesars Palace

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The guy who got this blog’s vote for “Best Flapping Song of Last Year,” Cee Lo Green, chose Caesars Palace as the location for his newest music video.

Cee Lo Green

We aren't entirely sure Cee Lo Green has ever performed at Caesars, but that is neither here nor there.

As a follow up to his smash song, “F*** You,” Cee Lo Green filmed the video for “I Want You (Hold On to Love),” a song title disappointingly bereft of asterisks, entirely at the sprawling Caesars Palace resort here in Las Vegas.

Thanks to the miracle that are the YouTubes, you can watch it now.


Perhaps not surprisingly, after his buzzworthy performance at the Grammy Awards, Cee Lo Green is decked out in some wildly-understated costumes in the video, presumably borrowed from the now-closed Liberace Museum. Also on loan from the museum was the piano and candelabras for which Liberace was known.

The video also features (among other things) showgirls from Jubilee!, the timeless Bally’s Las Vegas show.

Cee Lo Green

High heels, 35-pound headpieces and gusts of wind. You think being a Las Vegas showgirl is easy?

Also popping up in the video: Caesars’ iconic Roman soldiers, a tub in one of the hotel’s exclusive high-roller suites (a Centurion Penthouse Suite, to be exact), the statue of Caesar that greets guests as they enter the hotel lobby (one of the most-photographed statues in, oh, the world), an inexplicably long close-up of a bottle of Hennessy and the hotel’s famed Garden of the Gods pool.

Cee Lo Green Caesars

Cee Lo Green and his battle-ready security detail.

Green’s latest offering is being released in the U.K. first and it’ll arrive in the states down the road. Remember, you saw it here first. Unless you saw it somewhere else before this, in which case, nevermind.

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