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Cold Snap Turns Caesars Palace Fountains Into Frosty Las Vegas Photo Op

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Las Vegas is experiencing, and embracing, some briskness at the moment. All right, maybe it’s not all that brisk compared to your hometown, but for Sin City, anything under 50-degrees is a cold snap!

A chilly few days has provided Vegas visitors, and this blog, a rare opportunity to capture the Caesars Palace fountains in all their shimmering, mid-winter glory.

Caesars fountains ice

You thought we were kidding?

We’ve already pitched “Cleo on Ice” to the powers-that-be at Caesars Palace.

Caesars ice fountain

There are 12 crystalline states of ice and two amorphous states. Which we totally knew off the top of our head.

Time to brush up on our ice fishing skills.

Caesars Palace fountain

Gorgeous, no matter the weather.

The nozzles in the fountains are made to resist widely varying temperatures (from winter chills to toasty summers), so the fountains pretty much always continue to, you know, fountain.

How cold is it in Las Vegas? Why, let’s ask our friends at Photoshop!

Caesars Palace ice

Yes, just the ears are covered. What part of "Sin City" don't you understand?

Thankfully, the sun’s still shining, as it does 361 days of the year in Las Vegas.

This, despite the fact, we just made that number up.

Caesars Palace

Sunny and cool, baby.

The ice on the surface of the ponds surrounding the fountains is estimated to be about 2-3 inches thick. Sorry, no ice skating. Or whatever people do with on ice. Typically, in Vegas, the only ice we see gets crushed into tasty beverages.

Caesars Palace ice

We risked frostbite to get these photos, so you'd better look at all of them.

Our dazzling winter fountain wonderland isn’t expected to last long, but we’re enjoying it while we can. Bring along a sweater if you’re visiting within the next couple of weeks. Or someone wearing a sweater. If you know what we’re saying. Because we’re not entirely sure we do.

Caesars Palace ice fountain

Just add margarita mix. Or something.

Enjoy a few more exclusive photos from the fabulous fountains of Caesars Palace. Who wants to ride on the Zamboni? Again, if you know what we’re saying.

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