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Feast Your Eyes on Vintage Vegas Menus

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The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) recently released a new online exhibit, “Menus: The Art of Dining.” We heard about this exhibit while listening to public radio. (Don’t panic. We accidentally landed there while searching for ’80s music.)

Check out this amazing exhibit.

Flamingo menu

Showgirl-fest! A menu from the Flamingo Show Room, circa we-have-no-idea.

The exhibit is a fascinating look at vintage restaurant and hotel showroom menus, many of them from Las Vegas. Some of our favorites are from Flamingo Las Vegas and Caesars Palace. Such rich, delicious histories!

Circus Maximus

This Circus Maximus Showroom menu is adorned with Caesars Palace performers like Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Paul Anka and Johnny Carson.

Listen to the NPR story online here.

This menu collection is so much fun to browse through! As a Las Vegas blog, not surprisingly, we eat this stuff up. (See what we did there?)

Granted, some of the prices in Vegas have gone up a bit since these early menus were printed.

El Rancho casino menu

El Rancho Vegas was the first hotel-casino on the Strip. It opened on April 3, 1941.

This online exhibit is a glimpse into the colorful evolution of dining in Las Vegas. Have fun, and thanks to UNLV for making this exhibit available to Las Vegas fans around the world.

Vintage Caesars Palace logo

Found on the back of a vintage menu, it's an early version of the Caesars Palace logo that probably wouldn't go over quite as well these days.

Go here to see today’s dining options at Caesars Palace and Flamingo. Hey, we had to include a little marketing at some point.

Silver Slipper

The menu from the"famous" Silver Slipper. A true classic!

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