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Five Las Vegas Cocktails This Blog Doesn’t Condone

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There are few things this Las Vegas blog enjoys more than a frosty beverage, but we simply can’t condone some of the questionable names given to said drinks up and down the Strip.

Here are five cocktail names we hope our mother never sees.

1. Up All Night

We’d be even more offended by this cocktail name were it not for the fact it’s absolutely delicious.

Numb Up All Night

We'd know what they're getting at, even without the visual, thanks.

The All Night Long is served up at Numb Bar at Caesars Palace.

2. Happy Ending

Another great cocktail, but it’s hard to fully enjoy it while one is blushing.

Happy Ending Cocktail

Oh, yes, they did.

The Happy Ending is sold at the Fresh Grill and Bar in The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. It even has a special collectible glass so you can tell all your friends back home about the Happy Ending you had in Vegas. Now, do you see why this cocktail name is so problematic? Where does it end? So to speak.

Happy Ending cup

If you're not satisfied with your purchase...well, we'll just leave it at that.

The Happy Ending is $22, and refills are $17. Then again, who can put a price on happiness?

3. Call Girlz

Inappropriate. Despite that, we have to say this cocktail, the most popular at Evening Call at Rio Las Vegas, is one of our favorites on the Strip.

Call Girlz

Just because it's good doesn't make it right.

4. Naked Colada

If Las Vegas frowns on anything, it’s nudity, so this cocktail name is beyond the pale.

Naked Colada

If people were intended to have coladas that are naked, they would have been born that way. Or something.

The Naked Colada is also available at Numb at Caesars, or at the establishment’s sister location at Harrah’s Las Vegas.

5. All Night Long

Starting to see a pattern here? This double entendre-lover-friendly drink comes courtesy of Slush Bar, the brand new offering at Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Casino.

We didn’t try that particular drink, but we did try another offensively-named drink, the Vegas Vice (below).

Slush Bar Vegas Vice

This blog is discussing a new "Vegas Vice" TV show with the Travel Channel.

Vice? Vice is defined as “an immoral or evil habit or practice.” In Las Vegas? Never!

The new Slush Bar at Bill’s keeps the good times flowing with borderline-appropriate beverages like “Bananas Foster,” “Picnic Punch,” “Southern Sinner” and “Scent of a Woman.”

Slush Bar

A new spot to get slushed in Vegas. Yes, we made that up.

The cocktails at Slush Bar come in a variety of sizes: 16 ounces for $9, 24 ounces for $12 and 32 ounces for $16. Extra shots are $2. Not that this blog condones those either, of course.

While we were at Slush Bar, we met Luciano, a flair bartender with some impressive skilz. Yes, with a “z.”

Slush Bar flair

That woman on the TV was totally into Luciano's skilz.

Luciano’s skilz are currently being featured below through the miracle of the YouTubes.


Luciano also let us take a photo of his name tag, which was actually a little video screen showcasing tons of Bill’s offerings as well as shows and restaurants at other hotels in Las Vegas. First time we’ve seen that.

Slush video nametag

What will those evil geniuses in marketing think of next?

Here are more pics from Slush Bar, which we’re sure you’ll visit the next time you’re in the neighborhood, despite this blog’s warnings about all the cocktail names. We hear you’re strong-willed like that.

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