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Food With Flare: Hyakumi Japanese Restaurant at Caesars

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Looking for a great dinner and show combo in Las Vegas? Check out the sharp-edged flair at Hyakumi Japanese restaurant at Caesars Palace.


Chef Kevin clearly loves his guests.

Yes, the food preparation on the restaurant’s Teppanyaki-style griddles qualifies as a show. Just watch.


We asked Chef Kevin if we could call him “Kevin-san,” and he was cool with that. Right before he made a volcano out of our onions.


Don't try this at home. Unless you want to. It's your home. Just don't expect to crash on our couch if something goes awry.

We were blown away during our recent visit to Hyakumi (Japanese for “100 tastes”), and loved the restaurant’s wide variety of sushi (nearly 40 varieties) and “prix fixe” dinner specials.


This made our dinner companions giddy. It was either that or the sake. Probably the sushi.

The Teppan Yaki Dinner specials offer an appetizer, soup, Japanese salad and a main course of various meats and vegetables prepared right before your eyes.

This blog’s favorite part of the meal, aside from the flair? The melt-in-your-mouth steak. Which is twice as delicious because you get to see Kevin-san prepare it three feet from your face.


Meaty perfection.

Hyakumi trivia: Despite how you’ve been hearing “Hyakumi” in your head as you’ve read this blog post, it’s actually pronounced “yah-COO-me.”

A bonus at Hyakumi (you’ll get it, keep practicing) involves several specialty cocktails, the Lychee Martini (vodka and lychee juice, topped off with lychee nuts) and Green Katana (Malibu Rum, Midori melon liqueur and sake, topped with Blue Curacao, Chambord raspberry liqueur and lime juice), among them.

Hyakumi cocktail

Oishii! "Delicious," in case you didn't take the time to learn Japanese before reading this blog post.

And speaking of “oishii.” Yes, there’s dessert, too.

Hyakumi dessert

Mochi ice cream. It's like regular ice cream, but encased in gummi bears and a white, powdery coating. In a good way.

Learn more about Hyakumi Japanese restaurant at Caesars Palace, view the full menu (.pdf format), and enjoy more pics in our exclusive gallery.

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